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Hai! I just bought premium AND my rep has got neg rep since lot of pepol hate me :C but i am still liek wrd and i think it rlly good forum for beginners in exploiting!


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@DarkLife I sent a friend req

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This is definitely good for a windows form UI if u continue i bet u could definitely make a popular exploit one day C:

but srsly not bad with a bit of work it could be very good B)


some advice: make sure u don't skid (copy some code u see in a YouTube or smth else unless its a bit from stack overflow idk) since people do not like that lol

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Very much pog smexy thread B)

Replied to thread: [Rate] 1/10 Tell Me What To Fix

The UI is just so T H I C C


At least decrease the T H I C C on the script list and I might be happier C:

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@LocusModz oh hai i thought u died in sum accident or smth

Created a new thread: Like and Dislike

I want the ability for liking and disliking threads to be added since it would be helpful to tell people how trustworthy a thread is and stuff pls add C:

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@Beastsploits It's called a quote :C

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I love the term "buddy" lol

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I noticed that yesterday when I saw he hadn't responded to a question I asked him weeks ago and saw he unfriended me :C

Replied to thread: [Rate] Rate this UI out of 10. Tell me what should be added to it

9/10 ngl one of the best UIs I seen on forums

Would be 10/10 but ofc nothing's

perfect, I only have minor issues with it C:

Replied to thread: [REL] Rainer v5 | Free roblox exploit | Custom dll | Has almost every script function that exists!

Never heard of this exploit before but gl tho dll looks promising (ui not so much :flushed:)

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] whats you're first exploit you ever used

Some exploit I had to inject using dll injector then a console would popup and I Got btools


I remember how excited I was bcz I thought I could make everyone fall off the map lmfao

This was years ago so idk much about what it was


It didn't have a ui or anything

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slaughter people in bedwars

make codes