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I am new to exploiting. I wish to learn more about it and want to code.


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@JalapenoGuy Where can I access it in the game?

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@JalapenoGuyWhat is a serverside?

Created a new thread: Roblox Ban Exploit

Hello, guys are there any Roblox exploits for banning people? My friend is playing this admin game and for some reason, he wants to use a ban exploit when he has all the power. I still want to help my friend, does anyone have an exploit for banning?

Created a new thread: Exploit for Rise of Nations Roblox

Hello guys are there any exploits for Roblox Rise of Nations?

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@OpenGamerTips Oof nice man. Thank you so much for the script. That helped me a lot.

Created a new thread: Roblox Exploit detector

Hello, is there anything I can download to detect hacks or exploits in a server?

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How do you download KRNL? I can't open it. Do I need a injector?

Created a new thread: Free aimbot for Phantom Forces

Hey um, I was using JJsploit for Phantom Forces but there is a problem for I can't toggle the aimbot. Are there any scripts out there for Phantom Forces?

Created a new thread: Canvas Instructure quiz hack


Are there any downloads for quiz cheats? My teacher made my grade a C because she hates me. I want to get a good grade and she's blocking my way.

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@LONGIf it's something from the background, how should I fix it?

Created a new thread: JJsploit lag Problem

I used JJsploit on Roblox Prison Life. After a while, the game starts to get laggy. When I exit out the game, my pc starts to go super slow. So when I use JJsploit, I will always power off my pc. Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks.