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C4ts or D0gs?


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Yup, exist.

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Some screenshot, brother?

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nah... CoCo don't want inject me.



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pew, pew.


made the gun :P

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one can correctly load the DEX or any version of it.

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Oh, no, no. Unlike, Thanks to you for doing a Simple UI

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You made me mad, 10/10.

Update the link or killed your family including your mom. fool.



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I think you should not do another thread, but rather update the same thread you wrote the previous version with.


Cya & It's work!!

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Yup. It works, but when you die the GUI disappears, it cannot move and the elements (Gear) can only be used once, so try not to die xd. but it is a good release. 7/10 or 6/10 for me =-D




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give me your desktop PC or sell it through Amazon. is very large