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Replied to thread: FREE UI RELEASE (WPF - By Ducxy)

What a delicious looking ui. If you won't mind me skidding"borrowing" this ui.

Replied to thread: [RATE/SOON] Utility Remastered | A Tool Built For Devs | Built In Client & More

Will synapse x api exist for the nailed in Roblox feature, I love the UI and how it is conveniently placed inside Roblox, also does it hide?

Replied to thread: account disabled

Damn similar happened to my discord account, I decided to spam accept the bot friend requests during the wrd raid and got terminated without further warning.

Replied to thread: +DMs & "Anonymous" negative reps

For the anonymous neg repping part, I would like to have an option if I may display that I am neg repping somebody(replacing anonymous w/ my user) and not being shown as anonymous. This would aid me in obtaining more enemies.

Replied to thread: Why are HP laptops so bad?

I have a 3-4 year old hp, rather than battery life(I leave it on charge constantly), and the fan(unstable fan curves), it is a really good laptop if you flash windows 10 onto it with a USB. Now I use it as a burner laptop and a server. It's screen doesn't have the best quality it being 720p, but it's very sturdy because I dropped it many times and almost not a single scratch. I can't really say anything about the newer hps.

Replied to thread: [COMING SOON] Azonix | Just Quality.

@Blueless Nice UI though, what is the cloud tab for?

Replied to thread: [COMING SOON] Azonix | Just Quality.

"Coming Soon... Coming Soon... Coming Soon... Coming Soon... Coming Soon... Coming Soon... " yes

Replied to thread: Customization for the Profile Page

I agree with the circle profile on the profile page and also raise it up a bit.



I also want it to show for the threads too(ignore the bio image, bad inspect element skills)



Also, make the feature for people with 5rep+, so maybe easier moderation.

Replied to thread: Badge for users with high reputation

Yes, for people with rep 18+

Replied to thread: [REL] Use OLD Forum Home Page UI — BetterWRD V2.4

This may seem like a dumb question, but is it possible to apply this to my mobile chrome browser?

Replied to thread: User Search

My request has been answered again :D https://wearedevs.net/forum/t/17141

Replied to thread: what is the best virus free exploit without WRD api?

@Delta are you thinking that WRD api is a Virus?

Replied to thread: [Week 1] Questions of the week!

1. custom

2. 5 acquaintances

3. sleep

4. Pineapples

5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHwvUFjaNdU

6. sleep

7. Phone: a cool motoralla smartphone pc: emachine something

Replied to thread: Level of wrd api

@SirWeeb very hard to do 😔