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Created a new thread: [Release] Cheese Escape [horror]

Game Link:




Executor Support: Synapse, Krnl (API) and maybe some other Executors but not all of them!



-Press Button to open door (No clue what that means don't play this game)
-AlreadyBeen1 & 2 values turn True (No clue what this means either)
-Unlock Finished Game Door
-Stop taking damage from Mouse
-Collect All Cheese (5 Second Interval between collecting)




Credits also in HUB

Replied to thread: hello thank u but...


eeeesh kind of bleh :>
Don't every say that you remin me of someone that was from 2019 where everyone was "quirky"

Created a new thread: {Release Update} Project Snowsoft

Game Link:

Project Snowsoft - Roblox




-More teleports

-263 new lines of code




Replied to thread: rate my layout

Doesn't look good!
Maybe try looking at some tutorials (not skidding the code)
Research more about different layout styles!
Make it more modern then making it look like a hack software from like 2010.

Replied to thread: Delta V2 - A brand new User Interface, Awesome Options, Easier Usage, Requires less PC Stats & More

Key system looks good! 8/10

Would be better if the get key was a bright blue then after pasting in the key the continue button would turn bright blue and the get key would be a dark shade.


The script Images look squashed 6/10

Resize the images to make them look more perfect!


Settings menu 10/10

Looks neat and looks easy to navigate!


Scripting menu 8/10

I like it but the buttons are kind of confusing!

HomePage 7/10

No clue as to why the scripting menu buttons are at the top.

Would look better if you did:

Update Logs

Why should I use Delta

What I mean by this is put the update logs first

then the "Why should I use Delta"


Other then that it looks really nice!

Replied to thread: Dex v4 broken

Don't use it use an older version if dex v4!! like dex v3 or something

Replied to thread: roblox dupe script


It probably is don't run it or use it. There is no game link or anything!!!

Created a new thread: {Release) Project Snowsoft Script (ripoff of pokemon)

Game link:

Project Snowsoft - Roblox




-Get All Gamepasses

-Teleport To Specific Area (Still adding more maybe)



Me Iumentis (

Replied to thread: JJsploit not work

Wrong category!!!

Created a new thread: {Release} Smash Legends Script (Simple)

Game Link:
[⚡ 2X!] 💥 Smash Legends - Roblox





-Auto Click (0.1)

-Auto Sell (60)

-Collect Chests (43200)



-Auto Click and Auto Sell stops working when rebirthed (have to rejoin game)






Will not update script this is just a simple script that anyone can create!

Replied to thread: Coop Scripting Application and Discussion! (For Fun Only)


From a website why?

Created a new thread: Unfinished Script Game:(unExpected)

Game Link:

[📚SCHOOL+FIXES] unExpected - Roblox


I was going to finish this script by making an autofarm but got lazy.

So here is the source do whatever you want with it.

Just Give Credits when using this and yada yada, so on so on.

local SolarisLib = loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local win = SolarisLib:New({
  Name = "unExpected",
  FolderToSave = "Expected"

local tab = win:Tab("Main Menu")

local sec = tab:Section("Main")
sec:Button("Spoof Joined Group", function()
   if game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.GroupMember.Value == true then
       SolarisLib:Notification("Already Joined Group!", "Don't have to use this feature!")
   elseif game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.GroupMember.Value == false then
       game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.GroupMember.Value = true
    SolarisLib:Notification("Joined Group!", "Love you <3")


Replied to thread: [READ IF YOUR A NEW USER] enough with the "analyzing" of this forum.

Not to be rude but what was this meant to do?
I don't think many people care for now then they used to do.

Most people have forgotton about wearedevs and go on other forums such as v3r!

Stop making it a big deal I have barely seen anyone complaining about being malware.

Unless you are actively searching for the people who do think that!

Replied to thread: Should I try reviving assault cube ╮(╯_╰)╭

It's an easy game to test hacks on and improve your skills.
I don't think youll be able to revive it but it's nice to see what you got to offer!