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Replied to thread: selling roblox groups (cheaper than normal)

theres no point in selling groups unless they have a lot of members or a lot of robux in them...

theres already open source solutions out there that can find groups for u like the horrible group finder i wrote a while back


Replied to thread: When is coco z back up

soon hopefully

Replied to thread: why virtualization is being banned from wrd

@0x777_ I was his friend

Replied to thread: Community Warning Virtualization // SimplyAleks | Threatening, Blackmail, Framing

At least blur the girl's face we don't know where he got that pic from..

Replied to thread: Make it possible to buy VIP as a one-time payment.

@Monkey_D_Luffy Except premium is 5$, and he doesn't want all the benefits of premium, just the ones that VIP offer.

Replied to thread: heres today news :O

im suprised no one is talking about virt

Replied to thread: Is there any way to purchase VIP or do you have to purchase Premium first and let it expire?

@Gooogle you need to realise the front page makes Jon much more than the forum

the website wont dissapear because not enough ppl are buying premium (the forum might though)

Replied to thread: to scripting_vpn

@dead_locust can u not? its just annoying

Replied to thread: Roblox giftcard list unclaimed 2021


would negrep if i could

Replied to thread: Exploit Key System

i told you to make it yourself not to ask someone to do it for you

Replied to thread: Nexus42 CW (Not composed by me myself)

you guys need to stfu about the token logger, it doesnt log the token at all, it retrieves it to then get your discord name and tag out of it.

sure he could have used discord rtc but he didnt know about it

for the system32 one it isnt used anywhere iirc

Replied to thread: Code embeds/code blocks

WRD+ needed


// put code here


Replied to thread: Good scripts for hacking games.

hacking 10 chars

Replied to thread: regarding my wrd mute (albertspp)

@R3bornSploit yeah that worked