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Replied to thread: [REL] io.host | *alpha* file host

Node.js doesn't suck, you probably just are terrible at it.

Replied to thread: Replace Slurp with Nihon

I'm suprised that Nihon is still not on the site, Slurp is literally dead.

Replied to thread: How do I delete my account or change my username?

Theres really no point in doing this tho, you only have 6 replies so you could delete them manually.

Replied to thread: Why is jjsploit so bad?

I think it's still Axon, and it's not really getting feature updates.

Replied to thread: This lisa gaming fan is so dumb

Bruh... No one cares about Lisa Gaming

Replied to thread: Poll: What is the best website UI you have seen so far?


Replied to thread: Krnl or Coco Z?

@Bones can you pls remove the krnl key bypass thing, im not forcing you, its just not very nice to the krnl devs, and if enough people bypass, they could go paid, krnl is better than sentinel afterall

Replied to thread: Best Browser

I recommend Brave, Librewolf, and Ungoogled Chromium. Librewolf is based on firefox, the others are chromium. Check allennova's reply for more details.

(I've used all of them)

Created a new thread: Rules about competition of WRD

Can any moderator clarify WRD rules about competitors? Technically, things like Shadow API are competitors of WRD although they're tolerated, so those rules are very confusing. 


The rule: Do not attempt to drive people away from WeAreDevs' products or services. You are free to advertise content so long as it does not compete with WeAreDevs.

Replied to thread: Brave's CPU and Memory usage higher than normal

yall be saying brave has a dark  past... chrome, firefox, opera ARE WAY WORSE

Replied to thread: Brave's CPU and Memory usage higher than normal

@truth firefox is killing itself

Replied to thread: Remember "KizzySploit V4"?

Never heard of it but alright.

Replied to thread: [Q] How to use the isArchAttached?

The others already helped you out, so i'll just explain you something, if statements will run a code block if what you provide them is a true boolean value. checking for "== true" is therefore useless. 

I'm gonna give you an example:

if(true) {



Another one:

if(3 > 2) {



Replied to thread: Rare username account!


also i don't find this rare

Replied to thread: Stop with the drama

@Gooogle it's not a regular thing, but life isn't easy, theres gonna be many obstacles, and even though i consider myself weak mentally i can still go through death threats... most death threats aren't serious at all