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lol thats nice

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@Hectique Yes i switched to linux

also covid10 could pretend to not care

or classiccat could maybe not even care

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@COVID10 can you link this theme you are talking about? i remember Dani using a theme like that, but im not sure.


Also, the screenshot thingy is probably the best proof.


NVM dani used the windows 95 theme

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@Zander7473 he also made a thread in clubdark saying wearedevs is corrupted kekw

might make a second thread about it, its too funny

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btw i use....

btw i use....

btw i use....

btw i use....

btw i use....

btw i use....

ok nice good 

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themida or vmprotect

yes, c++ can be decompiled, but its hard and really not perfect. if we compare it to C#, c# converts it to ILcode and then they just pack it into some executable, and that executable runs the ILcode with .NET Framework (or Core, .NET Framework 4.x is preinstalled on windows 10)


so C# is JIT compiled (with .NET implementation at least)


ILcode can be decompiled pretty easily.


thats why C# code wont run if you dont have .NET Framework, and why it can be decompiled so easily

C++ is natively compiled, you dont need anything to run it (other than the OS, obviously, well theres other ways but yeah...)


correct me if im wrong, i dont code much in c# now


EDIT: so i found something that might help you understand how c# works (ik its wrong section, but still): https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/getting-started/introduction-to-the-csharp-language-and-the-net-framework#:~:text=Source%20code%20written%20in%20C%23,dll.




EDIT: Idfc about Mono, which is why i dont mention it

Created a new thread: COVID10 IS CLASSICCAT

"her" profile: https://wearedevs.net/profile?uid=59882

At the beginning, i wasn't sure, so i just wanted to make a normal thread talking about classiccat (since he doxxed a scammer, which is good), but i realised COVID10 is actually classiccat. So i wanted to explain why i know this is the case


1. Apparently, "she" has been in the WRD community for a long time

That's not a big proof, but august is not "since a long time".



2. Funny weird stuff that does not hold up


"I've asked a doxxer in this community" "like to be anoynomus to dox this user" "And this doxxer that I'm still not gonna name submitted a tip to fbi.gov/tips "



3. Final proof: Computer setup

Me and carson know this one a lot, and it's by far the easiest way to identify classiccat.

First, the screenshots he takes always look weird


Second, we know classiccat's computer looks old, and idk how to describe it but take a look at that



Screenshot of his computer, classiccat approves kekw




And now, screenshot of a screenshot COVID10 did, while saying "she" did it.




So yes, COVID10 is classiccat.


It was also kinda obvious because of the way "she" talked about hosting malicious servers and things like that.

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@Hectique yeah im thinking the same

classiccat is an excellent doxxer

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also that domain got registered in 2018

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russian server kekw


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wait a sec...

classic, like classiccat?

idk still interesting lmao a kid buying a domain

but... thats still weird

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yes 2JJ1 owns this domain lol

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Stop being criminals -_-

NordVPN account and crunchyroll account, hmm i wonder where you got those

Seriously, STOP! Police sometimes get involved with things like that even if its on Discord, happened to one of my friends who did that.

It's not worth it, and fake giveaways are more ethical than this, should give you an idea of how unethical it is

It's a crime, very unethical, and don't you have any other ways to advertise a server?

If you don't have any other ways to advertise the server, then it's maybe because it's absolute trash.

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