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@Zander7473 Heres a fun fact! Every 13 minutes somebody kills themself, why? One of the biggest causes is because they feel like they're not approved! So before logging on and posting, think, will this harm somebody? If yes, and you decide to post it anyway, like this post above, how do you feel about being a horrible person who only thinks about themself?


Created a new thread: Slynx Exploit

Download Link:


Pic of UI




Now most exploits don't have a backstory, but this one does.

(this is also in the exploits readme.txt)

So before using here's a bit of a backstory!

Slynx was meant to be a paid exploit with a custom API.

Emphasis on MEANT

As shown in the forum:

basically we didn't know what we were doing.

So, I was blocked by the API developer, the only way i knew this happened was through the user that

posted that forum.

API developer, if you're reading this, I hope you're doing good!


Please unblock me.


Sorry i meant to change the word backstory to orange but i can't change it back


Also sorry that its winforms

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So whats with hating on Winforms?

Created a new thread: Need assistance on creating my own Exploit DLL/API/Collection of functions to inject in to roblox and exploit

I want to create my own DLL/API but I literally have no idea. if anyone could help that would be awesome!

Created a new thread: Error Netguard.IO unauthorized launch detected

If your an exploit maker and you have come across the error Netguard.IO unauthorized launch detected, and the path is something similar to C:\Programfiles(x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe (I came across this error while making a NoobHaxx skin) here's how to fix it

1. Build your app

2. Go to the path where the app is built 

3.Close Visual Studio

4. Open the app

5. It SHOULD not run the error when you try to inject


also if you want to download the skin I mean you can 



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If you're looking for a better one use fastcoloredtextbox.dll 

Created a new thread: C# Exploit Tips and Tricks

I have a small exploit of my own (Using WRD API, Script saver, and opener, etc.) named Nesploit I am fairly new to C# though, could I get some tips and tricks to build into my exploit (I want multi-page script executor, like protosmasher) Thanks.


I see people do this so

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