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Created a new thread: How to make a key gen using linkvertise?

Is there a github repo that has it? Or how would I make one since im not sure how I would do it Thanks.

Created a new thread: OpenGL Hook for CPP?

how would i make an opengl hook for java process, so i can render things and how would i use jni to edit the code?

Created a new thread: Making a roblox DLL in C++

Im currently learning C++ and want to make a roblox cheat (which ofcource will never be the best) How would I make the dll for it ?

I only have done memory editing on another program but never roblox so how would it be done?

Replied to thread: Making an DLL for exploits tryna make level 6 lol

What if i dont wanna make it in CPP and in C#?

Created a new thread: Making an DLL for exploits tryna make level 6 lol

How do i make my own DLL for my roblox exploit and make it level 6 im not a starter to make these type of high level things, id say im in the middle but how do i make one?

Replied to thread: Unjailbreak Code

Thank you xD

Replied to thread: WeAreDevs_API

Actually almost no exploits are viruses bc it does game manipulation and almost all the antiviruse detect that and put random things to stop you

Created a new thread: WeAreDevs_API

So myself wanted to make a multi function exploit like JJSploit and when i added the refrence it said its built against my .NET framework if anyone has an fix just replie to this



Have a great day!

Replied to thread: | New Exploit? | Pheonix Related | Pheonix RE |

yes but dont make it gay

Created a new thread: Unjailbreak Code

I have an exploit and i wanna exploit jailbreak and there are alot of sketchy sites on i dont wanna get leaked so im asking here ty bye

Replied to thread: CheatCheatX b1.0.0 Release idk

You wanna see it?

Created a new thread: CheatCheatX b1.0.0 Release idk

So im thinking about reviving an old exploit i made probably make it public should i or no 

Everything is normal updates are already there after 2 clicks i can release it should i idk



Goodbye and have a gr8 day!