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Hi, Im Juan Fazbear!



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Created a new thread: A exclusive WeAreDevs discord server :o || Juan Fazbear

hello its me juan

that 1 skid that has been offline forever

i suggest making a exclusive discord server

DISCORD's limitations:

Now becuz of discord's limitations

we cant make a exploit discord server or some sh.t

then make a "backup server"

prob we need to make a million of em :DD


ok the Administartors/Owners/Co-owners need to be wise as hell

We nEeD moderators thats big brain

because a l0t of people is gonna go swear :o

and probably is gonna spread malware

Posting a "exploit":

We need some kind of system for people who wants to post a exploit in the server

Like some people that has a "special" role for it

the people check for viruses boom

and then THEY POST IT

if the creator posts it

he/she would spread virus or somethin fo frick ur pc

Getting away with it:

idk how we can get away with it

so that discord doesnt terminate us :/

Probably someone can figure out :))

Lov u

-Juan Fazbear

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i need win 10 pro

Replied to thread: My new exploit - Melburn

this is the cutest UI i have ever seen


switch to gray ish color and then PERFECTO

Replied to thread: Anyone Got The Sona's Discord?

idk but i remember being in the sona discord server

prob deleted or im just late with news :(

Replied to thread: HTML12 Back again?


good dogo

gives bepis

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what ur discord? ;)

Replied to thread: Content lock (PLEASE)

hm yes great idea

but wrd will be those a@sh0le websites that make sit annoying like

cracked.to or somethin

Replied to thread: How to mod axon source


the pee pee poo poo betrayal


Created a new thread: ChIlLaXeR dIsCoRd SeRvEr|| Juan Fazbear and BOB15


little thing

chillaxer now has better giveaways and now has invite rewards

inv rewards: nordvpn acc, crunchyroll acc etc l0l

and also u can cHiLl but also relax




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Replied to thread: i will admit my crimes (idk if it is but ima take it as a yes) || Juan Fazbear doing ILLEGAL things


idk how and i dont bother :v

cause i will get banned off discord anyways XD

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i aint buying a 2000 series

im buying the 3000 series wich will never happen :(

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i forgot to tell you that im poor :)

hell poor :)

also amazon will never reach indonesia for sure (cause indo is sh!t)

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u should use a server app cause when i tried it

it was having massive delays, also make it support crapp PC's

and if u need a free app to host

use heroku

note that its quite a hassle to setup ;c

Replied to thread: my own website ;D






get ready got criticism

basically no criticisim i think (pretty good tho)

but i have some suggestion

make some buttons on top :)

like exploits page, home page, script page :D

and a switch to change from bright to dark mode :)

thats all