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Replied to thread: Shibe is HTML-The Truth is out

Classic cat at it again lol

Replied to thread: i think i'm done

@COVID10 Please be polite.

Replied to thread: i think i'm done

@COVID10 you literally ip logged me when we first met...

dont forget about purging dm and when i joked about robux, you hated me and made me your enemy. you really have something wrong up in the head, Classiccat.

"I don't DDoS"
you ddosed grabify just recently for no reason just to show off

"I don't dox people"
and you literally sent me a screenshot when we were still friends about someone (zephscripts i think?) and you told them that they live in a motel and you showed a picture and told them their life was on the line. don't play dumb

bro you haven't changed, teektacker said the same thing and he betrayed us time and time again.
when someone says they changed, they haven't and they never will. they see themselves as being perfect. kind of like how narcissists don't see themselves as narcissists.

Created a new thread: Do not give classiccat anyone's discord

classiccat might ask for someone's discord info like their name and tag don't give because he will team up with bad people and possibly try to raid and RAT as many people as he can

Replied to thread: classiccat here again smh

@COVID10 because you are a boy named andrew, perhaps?

Replied to thread: Rat-Wave | Advanced Method

What @OpenGamerTips said.
g oΒ  a w a yΒ  c l a s s i c a t

Also thanks for taking a joke seriously and blocking me on Discord bruh.

Replied to thread: cw dont buy paid hubs

also Classic Hub is a virus

Replied to thread: [CW] MattScripts LOGS A TON OF INFO

(I'm pretty positive) that MattScripts is actually just another alt of Andrew (classiccat), so I think it's safe to say case closed on this one :)

Replied to thread: [dispute] my rep

@SUPERSMASHERBROS I can screenshare in a call if you add me


Also @EarthBoy55, I added you on Discord.

Replied to thread: Lumber Tycoon 2 Money

@Blue_ Oh, nice. Also, now that I think about it, I think it was actually more than $50.

Replied to thread: Anime depression help

Hmm maybe it's because you are watching it by yourself and you wish someone was there to watch it with you. I think I know the feeling you are talking about, and I think it's normal.

Replied to thread: [dispute] my rep

@EarthBoy55 Well, I have 6 points of evidence so far and will probably be reporting to an admin soon.

P.S. Why did you even block me on Discord?

Edit: Sorry, 7 now.
Edit 2: Now 8

Replied to thread: Lumber Tycoon 2 Money

i regret spending like 25$ all on lumber tycoon 2 vip servers :(

Replied to thread: RYAN STOP ALTING

@0x07 It's fine. We all learn from our mistakes. It would be kind of annoying if every thread you have was like that lol but you have learned from it.

Replied to thread: RYAN STOP ALTING

@0x07 Thanks, and oh yeah, I remember seeing that one. That was the thread where you had to turn on Bright mode in order to read the text lol.