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Replied to thread: Discord may be doing another ban wave.

Now my account is disabled. It literally got disabled for no reason.

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@Moon does spamming webhooks count?


Replied to thread: disabled discord account

Hey @Moon any thoughts on this? Since the same thing happened to you

Replied to thread: disabled discord account

i really hate discord right now, this is such a pain in the ass

Created a new thread: disabled discord account

Hey so I don't know why but my discord account got disabled.

the screenshot:


Anyone know how to fix? I tried checking my email like the message Prompt said but there wasn't anything there... :confused:


I remember that Moon was saying the same thing happened to him. But I don't know why Discord would do this. This account was made in 2017 so I don't really want to lose it and am kind of concerned right now. I'll try to contact Discord support, but I've heard that's a real pain. I'll try it anyway.


And I tried making an alt but it said I needed to enter my Phone Number . I did but then it texted me saying there's already an account linked to the number :angry:


Also Khaled if you're reading this I tried to text a friend to have him tell you about this I told him your tag was eKhaled#6969 but he said that it said invalid User Tag .... 


Could someone potentially add Khaled/Classic Cat if you know his  Discord user? We're working on a project together so if you could get in contact with him about this that would be very helpful thanks


Replied to thread: teektacker v57

@Aletha You're still rep evading though so...

you just created an account named "Please" which admitted to being Teek, you got -10'd so you went on this account and didn't say anything about being Teek and now you had +3 rep. You're still breaking rules, intentionally.

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@Aletha you got mod by manipulating people but ok bud, don't use that as an excuse.

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@AlethaOMG!!11 You -2 repped me! I'm so scared!!!1111

Replied to thread: teektacker v57

@Aletha you haven't either (as I can see by the DMs), it's one thing when you want to come back to a forum but it's really annoying when you constantly say "Oh guys, I've changed! I've changed a lot!" and then afterwards you backstab everyone and do malicious stuff. we're so tired of it ok. I mean it really says something when Jon himself has to delete your thread :skull:

Created a new thread: teektacker v57

So Classic Cat wanted me to post this to WRD since he's banned but he basically wanted me to make a dispute on Teek, he video taped some proof that he was him so I'm going to post it here:



Here's his WRD Profile:

Aletha's Profile | WeAreDevs


Classic also wanted me to add this:

unknown.png (838×296) (

ducW0FCE.png (638×782) (

IgK8YHvP.png (701×798) (

KdX7gChp.png (1065×898) (

unknown.png (1562×265) (













Replied to thread: JJ Sploit UI

Yeah, Like boyke said, if you don't like the UI, you could just use another exploit. At the end of the day, they all do the same thing: execute Lua code.

Coco Z4 lite is good in my opinion.

([REL] Coco Z4 lite - WeAreDevs Forum)

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this exploit though, because we have the beta testing version that is not for public release yet.

Replied to thread: Classic and I swapped accounts lol

its ok i'll dispute the rep later im too lazy and tired rn so yea

unfortunately the puny mortal body i'm trapped in is forcing me to sleep now

Replied to thread: Classic and I swapped accounts lol

Chill Texas it's classic he's young (and immature) what do you expect

Created a new thread: Classic and I swapped accounts lol

Hello, is me ur boy Classic Cat yes yes anywasys among  us me and carson swapped accounts :shocked: 

me and him teamed up on proeject

jooin our epic discord , still workbkng on proejct


anyways carson will take control of the thing :


Alright I'm back :)

Replied to thread: what is the use of C++ in reblex exploiting

How do you think I'm going to answer that when you are looking at me like that ;)