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Hello! I am Phoenix, a full stack developer learning C/C++ and already knowing Javascript and C#.


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Replied to thread: I'm a little paranoid about what Roblox could do with our IP addresses

Simple answer:


Game Developers cannot IP ban you, but they can ban you from their specifc game


Roblox can IP ban you, as well as account ban and poison ban.

Replied to thread: Rate my UI plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Blast of the past. Love it.

Replied to thread: [CW] IcePools - Pedophilia, Blackmails, Poor Security & More

it's a specific condition because they are physically non existant :T

Replied to thread: [CW] IcePools - Pedophilia, Blackmails, Poor Security & More


uhhhhh i dont have a little brother or a sister?

Replied to thread: [CW] IcePools - Pedophilia, Blackmails, Poor Security & More

Idk, CW could have been better ngl. Some images missing. But still an interesting read.

Replied to thread: 3 Months Left before I officially leave Exploit Community

Farewell in 3 months


Replied to thread: My Discord Server For Projects

What perks will we get for joining?

Replied to thread: Rate my UI (Maybe Release?)

It's interesting but frankly the buttons are too big, you should consider changing the layout.

Replied to thread: tell me whyyy



Replied to thread: why is everyone just leaving

It may seem like that, but WRD is somehow growing, it's just our friends and leading voices that are leaving. It's time for a new generation of developers...

Replied to thread: Please tell me some good adress dumper

Well, most dumpers are broken or private/paid, and I'm pretty sure nobody here is generous enough to give you one. Make your own if you aren't a skid.

Replied to thread: [Release] ₳tonix V1

Well the UI isn't great but I'm sure you'll go far if you keep at it.

Replied to thread: does anyone know hot to fix this error msg

Literally, just wait? It'll be fixed in around 6 hours.

Replied to thread: So im new to learning C++

Don't forget independent learning! It is important to learn by yourself.