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henlo i am phoenix i make crappy exploit called hexane haha (FINALLY TINDER MESSAGING IS HERE)


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wearedevs api 

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very hot stuff here 

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thank u senpaiiiii :DDDDDDDDDDD

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the court may of found them not guilty but the council has not!

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cry me a river boo hoo 

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krnl is completely safe, there is nothing to worry about!


windows just doesn't like you exploiting on roblox.

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funni lmao, cant wait for part 2

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so who r u? virusbuilder, havent heard of u lmao?


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nice, havent seen the avatar in a loooong time lol

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Yea sounds good lol!

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do you accept GBP Amazon Gift Card?

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I mean if ur so unwanted that you have to make an alt, maybe just phase out for a moment and wonder why you are unwanted and are so sad


haha get it?? WONDER lolololol I'm so punnyyyyy

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Welcome back.