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Hi! My name is Phoenix, and I do stuff obviously. I like long walks on the beac- oh this isnt tinder.. whoops.


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Created a new thread: What APIs work?

Title, working on a new multi api exploit. The function update or whatever screwed me over, which apis are currently working?

Created a new thread: Addressing the forums

So some don't already know me but hi there my name is Phoenix, I've been on the forums for a while, but i was banned for using zero day exploits against the site but now i'm back and I'd like to apologise to whoever I've been salty, toxic and generally not a nice person to everybody. Especially to the moderators because without them this wouldn't of been able to happen, after I've been annoying and just really a terrible person. I've matured and I'm no longer that person that I used to be.


So please, forgive me because I'm not that person anymore, enjoy the spinning seal :D


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*gives virtual thumbs up*

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Screenshots would be nice :')

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Thanks for the compliment, I appreaciate it. 

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@boyke It's been a long time, but I'm glad to be back.

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Roblox usually updates wednesday

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Hi guys.. its been a while huh..

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Get a better executor like Coco Z.

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lmao gotta love shibe

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says the person that likes to reply to me even if its a face ;-;

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yes!! we need off button