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Hi there, I'm Phoenix. I like long walks on the beach, I know Javascript & TypeScript, and I know C# (But not as well) I'm learning C and C++


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Replied to thread: when did u start coding

i have smooth brain and i dont manage my time accordingly so i do things last minute

Replied to thread: when did u start coding

started learning about nodejs when i was 8 and then i started doing native javascript stuff when i was 9 

Replied to thread: Anti Kick Btools.

y'all are nerds, use f3x 🐸☕

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Nobody cares. Trigon is 🤮

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pov: when the entire forum is on sirweeb's cw

Replied to thread: [CW - Short version] SirWeeb and his gf: hypocrisy, role abuse and awful behaviour both in and outside Novaline

Love is a dangerous tool if it's used as a weapon. Some people fall blindly in love, SirWeeb clearly has fallen for the tricks of a parasite.

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true, but that's a good thing. They'll eventually squeeze the community so tight, they'll eventually unite into something similar to rain to teach another generation of exploiting traditon.

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Hi there! Alot of things have changed, many paid exploits have been discontinued like Protosmasher, Vashta, Visenya, RC7. FE got released which basically means you can do jack sh*t to other players. FE scripts can be run by all executors, all exploits here on WRD are free. And roblox updates broke many scripts so exploiting is gone to rubbish.

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Definately a start to normalising gpu prices.

Replied to thread: why do i get hurtful comments on everything

9th grade here,


you dont need to change to fit in, if they don't accept you for who you are then that's their problem, not yours.

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sh*tposts arent allowed

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The way I see it is that you've rewritten something from the ashes of something else. It's perfectly your code if you made it from scratch.

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im technically still engaged :troll:

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pov: police demands vpn logs