(Your real dad)

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I have NO life and I am the developer of NeonSploit.


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I think I will use iPhone 12 :D

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@ogredale No I am your real dad. As the screenshot says

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@Gooogle No you're ogredale's twin brother. I am your dad

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@ogredale I am your dad tho.


Now change it back

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Hot ass UI. Custom API is best 🔥🔥. You could make custom animations though. 9/10 (not biased bc one of devs is my best friend)

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@0x777_No sh it sherlock lmao

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@davidTubeLOLLLLLLLL Aight. Say anonomous leaked all his info including hwid, ip, anything u can think of 😂😂

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@FinalLabsYea I post sh *t everywhere lmao idk where I post it most of the time.

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bobetta has recently come into my server and distributed a file which is an IP and .roblosecurity cookie logger. screenshot 1 a screenshot from Vortex#0013 (cool guy, owns atom) on further inspection from going into the file is screenshot 2 (from Vortex#0013) and when I spammed his webhook I got him too add me and a quick conversation screenshot 3. So beware of this kid his tag is bobetta#8659 and his user id is 706459267120496690. He is gonna keep spreading malware he said in our DMs so go ahead and bully him idk whatever this threda is useless l0l

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You've gotta love wearedevs api

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You forgot this step:

put the memz trojan in it as well

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I guess an attempt was made