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Created a new thread: Question | JSON in C#

Hello! Im trying to create a hastebin generator but, hastebin returns json. Like so: {"key":"ajakegeleg"}. How do I remove the {"key":" part?

Replied to thread: Is there any exploit that makes it able to have a sword in an FE game?

Well, the only way to do that would be to use a sword hat and then fling people when you click. Its pretty complicated and I don't know how to do it. I know that there is a script already out there but, I cant find it anymore.

Replied to thread: Im a DnSpy Kid Sadly.

Nice apology

Replied to thread: [RE-REL] SpiiceNX | Back to its ashes

Cool! But, the ui is too small. Very unique though! :)

(also, the animations are quite slow)

Replied to thread: [REL SOON] OpenKey - Helping exploit devs across the world

This will be useful for people who want to make key systems!



Replied to thread: Rate a UI i did

Very nice! I like it!


But, I just really want to see different colors other than black and white.

Replied to thread: TritonAPI dll // awesome wine chat inside a dll for everyone C:

Cool release! I like the idea...

Replied to thread: ui rate and suggestions pls

I really like it. Lol. Add a execute file? Internal ui? Closing animation? I really like the opening animation!

Best of luck! :)

Replied to thread: halo giver tower of hell

Doesnt work :/

Created a new thread: Release | LukeSploit Reborn! | Multi API exploit

Today, I'm releasing one of the exploits that I've been working on!

LukeSploit Reborn!


Pictures: Click me Click me 2


Download: Download


Virus total: Virus Total


Support server: Support server




Also, I don't know how to make a bootstrapper so, join my support server for updates!

Created a new thread: [alpha release] block spam gui

I'm working on a block spam script for a few games! Will support more games in the future! Enjoy! (its also open source)

If the game isn't supported then, it will open up a universal hat drop GUI!

Everything replicates!


Support discord server:

Sorry for the bad website, I will redesign it soon. (I might use HTML)


Should work on free exploits and paid ones!



Replied to thread: New Exploit UI Opinions

Can I have the discord?

Created a new thread: Auto attach

How would you make an auto attach for your exploit?

Replied to thread: what u gonna say (rate ui lol)

Wow! How do you make that animation at the start?

Replied to thread: Current best free API

Thanks! I was wondering what axon really was