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Replied to thread: Free exploit with decompiler

@Exploithunterno dude, 100 Reals (Brazillian money) its only 20 Dollars

Replied to thread: [Exploit] Wadzerr Under Construction

@SomebodyUntold Lol,Only professional peoples can make own API like this guy


A key system its easy,lol.

Replied to thread: [HELP] I need somebody to make me a custom api for my Exploit.

Or just


Open WeAreDevs API on DnSpy and rename the strings lol.

Replied to thread: [HELP] I need somebody to make me a custom api for my Exploit.

If u want a professional API,Without Axon,U will propably need pay 400$ + to make this API

or u will Pay 300$ to make it yourself,Because the API can update the adresses automatic.

Replied to thread: What exploit to buy - Synapse, Sentinel or SirHurt

If u want UI,Use SirHurt new UI,You can donwload new themes,Like the synapse X theme using the SirHurt API


Just join SirHurt Server

Verify that u by the SirHurt

And go to Themes channel and download a theme

When you download,Just pust the theme and the others folders in the SirHurt Themes folder

Now go to the New SirHurt UI and click on Themes Tab and select the UI that u want. 


Or you just execute the .Exe of the theme when download.

Created a new thread: Krnl poor protection (Kidding)

Krnl UI cracked :sunglasses:



Replied to thread: Coco Z3 Beta // Sneak Peeks

Coco Z has decompiler?

I really need a explit that has decompiler and free ;-;

Created a new thread: Free exploit with decompiler

Krnl is patched,And SirHurt ( 10 (50 Reals on brazil) on a exploit that has a trash decompiler and bad execution LOL )

Synapse X its 100$ on brazi,where i live,and my friend buy me sirhurt,Soo i want a free exploit that has decompiler!

If u know some say to me pls.

Created a new thread: Skisploit is a damn virus and the wearedevs site doesn't do anything.

Some minutes ago,I downloaded skisploit ,And i recived a exe with 700 kilobytes,and nothing more like a scripts folder or the APIS,Only The EXE,When i executed,It give me an error that this program is not working,Some seconds later,My antivirus Kaspersky Show me 4 New viruses on my machine,Don't say that i need turn off my anti-virus to work,no,I run soo much exploits,Like sirhurt,And soo much others free,And no one gave me virus.My anti-virus deleted the "Skisploit".


I find this damn virus here: https://wearedevs.net/d/Skisploit

On the wearedevs site,bruh,Why this site don't have a virus checker...

I really don't belive that i find virus in my favourite exploits site.

Replied to thread: Apologize Skisploit!

@OpenGamerTipsYeah,i know


but i not understand "Discord"

Created a new thread: Apologize Skisploit!

Well, I had to create another account to create this, because in the original I could not comment



I craked the Skisploit,Apologize To the owner of Skisploit and also to the forum, What I did is not right, I didn't think before doing that, I think it was because I was bored, and I also didn't read the rules, I hope I can start over here;



This post is not important,just nvm it,its only for apologizes uh