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Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Lua Switch Case

switch cases poooooooooooo but ok 

Replied to thread: [ TEASE ] WRD AT WORK WILL BE BACK SOON


Replied to thread: [CW] you made me do it again rexi

Replied to thread: [CW] you made me do it again rexi


ch0nky hot and very gamer 

Replied to thread: Who's UI Is Better (Nihon | Helios)

Shade = nihon held at gunpoint

Ch0nky = Helios

Replied to thread: [REL] Magnius | FIRESIGNAL - GETCUSTOMASSET - DECOMPILER (ModuleScripts Only)

Jjjjbbbbbhhhhhjjk nihon vvvvgkjnni

Replied to thread: [CW] laugh at this user

Hahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha ok done good cw

Replied to thread: [Question]How to make custom theme for synapse x?


Download a template, design it in ms paint, upload to discord, copy url, find .json file in the synapse bin folder, edit it with the url etc.


User Interface:

SXLib, basically Synapse API, obviously need wl to even run the program but yes but lets u make custom synapse x uis. (you can find it probably in the discord or go to syn x folder, go to bin, and go to sxlib folder and the dll there is the api or lib)


Internal User Interface:


Replied to thread: [Upcoming] [Powerful] Shadow 2.7 - Dark Hub, Owl Hub and Bruh Hub Support!

very good everyone should use shadow, any ui pics or demonstration on shadow progress?

Replied to thread: 🔥LiekEvryXplot🔥 Is Now Back!! And Is Still Better than Ever!!!

discontinuing utility forever now cant keep up with these competitions 11/10

Replied to thread: Paying 279 robux for a custom dll

@Shadeylord bro

I made these over a year ago

Replied to thread: [Rel] v1.5.0

what zander said but its good i like it alot tbh keep it up 8/10

Replied to thread: How play roblox on a 20 years old pc

bro... at that point try get a new pc. u rocking a potato 

Replied to thread: How To use GUI with Multiple ROBLOX Instances

@MINISHXP oh nah I wish but you can buy a custom ui one which is exactly like protosmahser imgui but for syn for like $5

Replied to thread: Paying 279 robux for a custom dll

No me good shade, i also has made made Shade X noob