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Created a new thread: Goodbye guys! Thanks for everything!

Hey, I wanna thank everyone for shaping who I am today. Im gonna be pushing myself away from the exploiting scene and start focusing on more stuff like my future, myself etc.

From joining WRD around mid-June 2020 (i think), I was at a low point in my life and the people within the community I met on here were one of the best I had intereacted with. At the time I wasnt the most social person and didnt have much friends I knew irl. But I met alot of lovely people that changed me forever and helped me with a lot of stuff: DeepPain, Immune, Locust, Ch0nky, Gustas, Bobby and so may other people within the wrd community.


Im pushing myself away from exploiting and developing exploits as it really goes around like a full circle. Exploiting in general is pretty boring and not as fun as it used to be. Developing exploits isnt as interesting or fun and gets really repetivite, end of the day your making a program with a fancy ui and some buttons that just attach to some sandbox game and execute a bunch of code the game understands. You might of seen an exploit i made a recently, that being RoCord. Its just a re-write and re-design of UtilityD, I was planning to carry it on but again went full circle, just copy and paste the same command from the script hub file, change the name, change the script url, there you go. Theres not much you can do with an exploit based on a discord bot.


Some of you might know an exploit called Utility, the project that started my journey and what im "known" for today. Before v5 i actually had fun and was some type of entertainment for me. There was a lot of people that actually helped me learn to program, as a whole they helped me learn a variety of languages and how can use them in various ways. 

I also wanna focus on myself and my future. I haven't been in the best mental state for quite some time currently but im not gonna go into it as for some people may not like reading sensitive material but if your looking for help, there is. family, friends, people online, even yourself. Don't throw your life away i promise it gets better trust me.


For my future, I wanna carry on programming and learn more. Maybe become a web designer, game dev who knows. I wanna use my time as a young teen (15 if u wanna know currently) to explore what I wanna do. I also have other stuff like my GCSE's which will be happening next year and for most of it im not looking forward to it. I feel like exploiting kinda distracted me from what I could and can do. As I said above its really the same concept again an again. I wanna do something different and new and maybe use it as a reference for any applications I might take later in life.

If you do wanna contact me for some reason my discord is still open and use frequently sometimes: Shade#9951 and if you do wanna know me my snap is lolitsmeeb (dont bully me for the old cringy username) (don't expect me to help you with any exploit related stuff)


Thank you for everything and have a good new year!

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