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Yk what I'll have a go 

Replied to thread: [SCRIPT RELEASE] prtty much evry bordr gam evr automatic coin collector

if not STOP then
		STOP = true
		if STOP then
			STOP = false


Bro I don't think yk the concept of what an if else statement is

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German Doner Kebab

Replied to thread: [QUES]how long does a exploit needs to get unpatched

alternative title: WHEN WRD DLL GET UPDATE


This all depends on the developers behind the dll, every week roblox updates and addresses are changed and whatever and those devs have to like unpack roblox or smth. fancy cpp and ida whatnot. and then have to search for em and update their dll with those specific things and yh. People have lives so it doesn't come instantly ygm.


if you want fast updates invest in paid ones like Script-Ware or Synapse X which i both own 


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Complains abt me making my projects open source but releases his own.

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No no no I paid 5 british pounds, a fiver, 5 pound coins. Just so I could change my name. So no.


The stuff I could of bought with a fiver is insane in my area.

Replied to thread: [I need your opinion] Should I pre-order iPhone 14?

Get s22 it's just as great. Probably even better. I have s21+

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  1. Yh I got no idea but cook
  2. I never rlly use break points but cool Ig
  3. Yh ight nothing hard 
  4. There's like 50 other github sources on this 
  5. Uhh yh 
  6. Already done by me L
  7. Yh why not
  8. Yh why not 2x
  9. Doesn't celery do this 
  10. Never used it but cool ok
  11. Yes please please please 
  12. Ehh good luck w it I guess if u can do it

Created a new thread: [SHOWCASE/UPCOMING] RoCord (Re-Make) | Discord Bot Based Exploit


Hello WeAreDevs, I'm here to announce and show you a new exploit in the making which should be scheduled to release by next week.

Some of you might know what RoCord is if you had seen the old threads. Well now, RoCord has had a major re-work and is better than ever.


So what is so good about RoCord?

  • Compared to the old releases of RoCord, the newest build is 2x faster than the old build.
  • Supports slash commands.
  • Has bigger and better features and soon more to come.


Here is a visual representation of RoCord (Features showcased in the gif's may change in the release.):


So what are you waiting for? Wanna try something new rather than the boring old-school traditional exploits?

Join the Discord to stay updated when RoCord releases!

Replied to thread: What are you working on atm?

RoCord - Discord bot based exploit.


Fully re-done, supports slash commands and just better in general

Replied to thread: SirHurt | Cheap ROBUX A/T & Script Executor | Lifetime 10$ | Service since 2015

I love wearing lego exploit merchandise