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Exactly. Im saying it could be an amazing alternative for big exploits. Like coco, comet, or delta could add them. 

Smaller exploits would pay for advertising for a set amount of time, or a certain number of views. And then there you go. Just an idea though.

Created a new thread: funny concept?

i was just thinking, has any exploit ever tried to use the main page of their exploit as an adspace and have it sit on a screen filled with ads for like 10 seconds? 

I know it sounds weird, but look up an item called "FreeWater"

You could use the same concept but for an exploit and throw a few advertisements on the front.

Just an idea though :running man emoji.jpg:

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nobody really does lmao

cool tho

wpf or winforms

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me personally


i wouldnt pick a ui designer who sounds like their name is a female Nexus42



all jokes aside




sounds like interesting release

Replied to thread: We are excited to announce that Byfron is joining Roblox!


It would be quite funny if you are Wendo. Otherwise im rather concerned.

Walking into WeAreDevs is a very bold move, I would suggest not trying V3RMILLION either. 

I would love it if you made a post of each time you roll out a new update, rub it in our face in that sense. It would be rather enjoyable.

Cant wait to see what comes of this. Though I dont expect much.

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free exploits will be crowned then. especially big ones which are keyless.

Example; EVON.

There is also Delta and a few others but those may die out. Im not sure if wrd exploit dll will stay around

Replied to thread: [Pre Release] Voyager - A new ROBLOX exploit.


I hear alot of complaints about that, and I agree to the extent. But it moreso just has to do with the fact that the supply of roblox exploits is far greater than the demand. We have countless options for free custom exploits aswell. Paid too. Just only few get the attention. 

I dont find it a bad idea in many exploits' case to make a multi-api to start, implement a key system, then use that money toward a dll.

It is actually a really smart way to get started. Though...

Idek what im saying anymore

amomg us

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our names

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Created a new thread: cod xd lol git no cap ong frfr

ive been doing digging

if there is so many cod warzone cheaters where do they get their cheats from?

ik theres some paid sites but ik there has to be free ones

asking for a frieneded

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@Hirokunevr got my fre ui :pensive: but yes veri clean i kiss u

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its safe

so is

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this so useless





i love it

Created a new thread: Best Executor(s?)

synapse x is the best



not really








fluxus cool i guess



i have pity for novaline for not being on any of these so them too ig







cough comet best cough



(i joined trend )

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@Nolix dustinbrett is cool af 👀👀 aint used it in awhile i forgot abt that lmao


ibused to use like unblocked games 99 or sum bs back in the day on a google site i forget, but damn i miss those days 😔😔😔

Replied to thread: Funny Little School Web Bypass

@pepsi my college detects hotspots in certain locations and comes to the room to make the students shut them off 💀💀💀