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Synapse hot.


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iz epik

Content length must be 10-5000 chars

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thnkx for re-rep

u good doggo

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dosnt even have rounded corners lokokmsdlnsjdbgfbfbf

other than that ist ok.

also pls de -rep me, i remove anoyance posts

and yes i admit it was pretty f***ing stupid of me. i have sereous problems sometimes, such as laughing at death.

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Wrong section...

also deal with it, its free exploit

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is it a cracked version? i dont have money ;-;

edit: iz cracked thxz

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1: aknowledged

2: i couldnt find how to round out the buttons, im working on it.

3: akknowledged

4: must have not seen, my vision it petty bad, il fix it soon

5: noted


thank you all for the positive reviews : )

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Wrong section...

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change them to what?

edit: oh do u mean transparent on hover?

Created a new thread: [Release] Silicon

[not a reupload, the other thread was a beta]

CSapi, Winforms, ace editor, nice theme/color pallet

I spent a while on it, hope you like it.

It has some pretty good scripts already.

Has some animations

Rounded borders on some things

Idk why I made this colorful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯







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omgomgomgomg it works guiz do it 100% no scam 100% legit, free download now

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i found a really easy tutorial, even i could do it

Replied to thread: any good winforms text editors?


how do i fix winforms ace editor? its broken i cant get it

Created a new thread: any good winforms text editors?

i really want a better one than plain fastcoloredtextbox, if you link one, please tell me how to integrate it into winforms. i am confusion

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move to the discussion thread.

Created a new thread: ive come here to complain about the complainers of this very complaint forum.

it's annoying, make it so they have to read at least 5 previous posts in this section before they can create a new one.


edit: Epik cool 50 post