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@Gooogle What?

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@Rexi You shouldn't be apologizing to me, you attempted to drag Ch0nky's name through the mud. You sit there and claim you're apologizing but don't actually make any effort apologize, you didn't even say sorry to Ch0nky. And as for blocking me, I don't care. I would've cared a week ago, not now.

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I first met Ch0nky during an argument between a person called Nanocentral, the argument is a story in on of itself which I've already explained, but the point is, Ch0nky was developing with Nanocentral, a known skid at the time, but I pointed out to Ch0nky that Nano was infact a skid. After all that lark he started learning, and I've seen him turn from skid to skilled. It's truly remarkable what he's managed to accomplish within such a short time frame. He definitely has the skills to be one of the best developers in the community. And his hookfunction is incredible, despite what some others might have you believe.

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@Rexi Read and noted, it's nice of you to accept the mistake you made, however this does not excuse you of what you said about ch0nky, if you did not like it when people brought up old stuff about you, why did you bring up old stuff about Ch0nky? That hookfunction used in Arch was extremely old, and yet you complain about old screenshots.

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@Rexi As long as you had permission, and had a genuine reason to use Hyperion then fair enough. You can use it to your hearts content for all I care, but you still avoid my question of why having the key system. When making the key system you still didn't need to make it mandatory for everyone, whilst you were using Hyperion atleast.

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@Rexi No his hookfunction is actually a lot more than that, even includes upvalue transfer.

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@Rexi I had no choice over the fact that the screenshots given were old, take it up with Reversed, not me. We shouldn't do the same witth ch0nky because it isn't a true representation of his skills. No I do not exist to bring more toxcitiy to the community, infact you started this whole thing. And also good on you for offering the money to iiv, but you avoid my opening question, why the key system when you were using Hyperion?

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@Rexi Well then why the key system? Just wait until you could use the stuff you were going to then add the key system. On another note, that hookfunction is not a true reflection of Ch0nky's skills, if you've seen his newest hookfunction you'd have known that. His newest hookfunction is enough to leave you puzzled for ages.

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@Rexi Rexi, lets talk about the whole Arch situation. Whilst they were using Hyperion, they did not actually know they were until Shin's lies were exposed, as soon as they were, ch0nky asked for permission to use it. At which it was granted and used without a key system, from what I've gathered you did not ask for permission to use Hyperion, and have been using it with a key system. On another note, Ch0nky has come a long way from whatever time where he couldn't answer what a "closure-deobfuscate" was, I know he has because I've seen his code, it's genuinely amazing what Ch0nky can produce, keeping in mind the fact that this time 8-ish months ago he was probably skidding calamari. Now lets talk about you, I know for a fact that you've asked 0x90 what "closure-deobfuscate" does too, he told me. So my advice to you is stay in your lane, Ch0nky is leagues above you.

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Vouch and well done

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Personally I don't trust Exptic

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@SkieHackerYT he legit claimed that sloppey's messageboxA hook was his

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When are people going to realise that Speed's GitHub is full of skidded stuff?

@SkieHackerYT I bet you are just feeding Speed considering you don't know much yourself.

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I watched Shade suffer while writing this, vouch

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March 18th, 2017. There was a rumour going around that an account known as "John Doe" ( was going to do something to Roblox and everyone playing it on March the 18th, the rumour spread like wild fire, I was playing Roblox for fun back then, so of course I heard about it. When the day finally come, nothing happened, as to be expected. But DanTDM uploaded a video playing it ( he played a game called "Prove it", after watching the video I wanted to join in on the fun, I joined and saw someone flying. Someone asked him how he was flying to which he responded with something along the lines of "just search for wearedevs", I used JJsploit for a while, it was using the source "System48" for commands made by AzulX. Almost every free exploit was a cmdsploit. Long story short, I wanted to start developing exploits around early 2018, a week before Axon was leaked. God this whole message gave me a nostalgia trip.