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@Laxion Only responding in context of the reputation you gave me.


I will never come back, we had a good friendship and you're a good person. Look at my last thread. I meant what I said there. This will most likely be the last post I ever make.

Created a new thread: Where have I been?

If you haven't noticed, I've been inactive for a long time on WRD, and not so active on Discord. I've essentially silently quit. I've been thinking of just leaving the community and not coming back for ages, and now I'm finally doing it. At it's core, the Roblox exploiting community is a horrible toxic cess pit full of horrible people. Just take a step back and think about what this community is about, hacking a childrens game. Seriously? That's what kind of community I was apart of? There are children as young as 5 on Roblox, and we're creating cheats for it? I feel disgusted with myself knowing that I've contributed to it. And on top of that, just the people in the community are mostly horrible too, never have I ever met so many: transphobic, homophobic, racist,, 12 year old kids; obviously there a plenty of people who aren't like this. People like SirWeeb, Shade and deadlocust who are actually some of the nicest people I've ever met. But an overwhelming portion of our community is filled with people like Wonder_X86, who embodies all of the toxic properties I listed previously. Now you're probably wondering why I'm doing all this now if I've been thinking about this for ages. Simply put, it was the inline update that was the final nail in the coffin. I couldn't be bothered with doing anything for it, so I didn't and just like that, the last thing keeping me in the community, vanished. Being able to create something that people enjoy using. If I didn't create anything, then obviously people can't use it, so why bother stay in the community now? But this section is just on why I'm leaving the community, In the next paragraph, I'll explain why I'm less active on Discord.



What is Discord at it's heart? Well, it's a social media platform. The kind of thing that's supposed to bring people closer together. But for me, I felt like it did the opposite, I felt as if all I was doing was just talking to strangers, while all the people in my real life were hanging out and having fun times. I felt lonely on Discord, like I had no one. Discord essentially made my life less fun. So if I still message you on Discord, consider yourself lucky.



In conclusion, if you're new to this community, leave. Leave while you still can, it's a slippery slope, look at what's around you; CWs, drama, viruses, just get a better hobby. Hanging out with your real friends has none of these. Real life doesn't have CWs. And if you've been in this community for a while and you want to quit, quit with me.


And finally, I know there will be people happy to see me leave, or that one guy who sometimes replies "another one bites the dust" to these kinds of threads. So to you "people", I say: suck your mum with a straw.


Majority people in this community need a reality check for sure, stop and think about what you people are doing. But anyways, goodbye everyone. Except all the toxic, racist, transphobic, homophobic 12 year olds like Wonder_X86.

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@AlexSyndrome You can't really say much, you dont know how to code lol.

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Script so good made me reply for first time in months. Vouch.

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Vouch. Spoorloos is a good boy.

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@RoBloxedHacked "expertise", lol sure buddy.

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@0x777_ Debateable on whether or not that actually is his code.

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@TERIHAX Thanks so much for the spoiler. I think'll restart from the beginning.

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@TERIHAX Just season one and two, then season three was a bit crap so didn't watch much of it.

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@TERIHAX Nope, only anime I've ever watched, I thought Kaneki was pretty cool, so I'd be him.

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Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

Replied to thread: a story about a time i pranked a gas station n sh*t

This is, actually skidded from a story I told in WRF, shame.

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@boyke Using a lua to lua C converter? That's not valid lua C, and it's obvious; if you're gonna try to help people, atleast know what you're doing first before helping.

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Being able to drink anything really quickly, I don't know if this counts, but it should.