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Replied to thread: [HIRE] Me for UIs

@yranxzy Covering for you is defending you, dumbass.

Replied to thread: [HIRE] Me for UIs

@yranxzy Are you blind? Lying about it would have helped you therefore defended you

Replied to thread: [HIRE] Me for UIs

@Zander7473 Joe22 is honestly stupid and has stupid excuses for doing serious things, he tried to get me to lie and defend him about the whole zoid fake image thing, its a miracle he hasnt been exposed yet.

Replied to thread: [HIRE] Me for UIs

I'd much rather buy a ui from this person than joe22, reccomend

Replied to thread: Executing Text

@facezero It really wouldn't, you have no idea what you're talking about

Replied to thread: Executing Text

@facezero I'm sorry but if you knew how to code you'd know that you dont need to use FindWindowA in a dll

Replied to thread: Executing Text

@facezero For one thing you should be writing a dll and this looks like code for an external cheat or an injector and using WriteProcessMemory is literal cancer (pointers exist why use WriteProcessMemory????)

Replied to thread: Executing Text

@facezero I'm sorry but your code made me want to jump out of a window.

Replied to thread: Help me with Axon Source | Roblox

@MyUserIsTaken I gave them to you, they're all from my dumper

Replied to thread: [REL] Pardella X Source

Cool release ig?

also exwrapper won't get you anywhere considering it's basically just slightly better axon

Replied to thread: TextExecutor

@OpenGamerTips Well first off you missed the fact that lua_newthread is not needed (although still useful), you missed the dumping bytecode step, you

missed the dumping Roblox/unpacking it part and you also didn't explain why you would need spawn (on another note spawn can be called through lua c) I don't doubt that you don't know all of that tho, you seem semi-competent.


Also dm me on discord man and I can answer questions like this one much quicker and in much more detail

Replied to thread: New exploit coming soon! (USE ALTS)

Cool exploit but I doubt you made the dll yourself, I've never heard of you before

Replied to thread: [CW] lets talk about an indie exploit rq

This thread is stupid, getting mad over a ui concept is retarded, if anything I would take the ui concept being copied as a compliment, who cares if it's calamari, vodka is doing the same thing.


Well done joe another stupid expose over very little, proud of you!

Replied to thread: Level of executor?

@shadow5c Write your own dll and it might work

Replied to thread: Level of executor?

@Chxnge4790 Level 7 does exist