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This ui is really epic man, vouch ;)

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Really cool ui, nihon v2 winning

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Remade Lua Library (Partial)

This post made you a 1000% more se-xy. What a epic guy

Replied to thread: [ RELEASE! ] Roblox FPS Unlocker ( .NET ) API

really cool release, vouch!

Replied to thread: [Service] Cheap UI Designer for hire

Not going to lie, this guy is really good making wpf ui's and for this prices I can tell you it's worth it.


Replied to thread: (COUNTER-CW) kiwixcoke and slapping him with some facts.

I can confirm that rexi never scammed + that cw I made is retarded and rexi changed too much since I made that cw

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epic script yayayayayayayaya

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vouch, why are u so gamer /:

Replied to thread: [Epic Big Super Mega CW] The PatricioTGN cw is stupid | CW -> Simplydev, Isaacxsx, Vilictus


The word CW means Comunity Warning, im warning the community to not deal with Simplydev and Isaacxsx.


The Word "Epic Big Super Mega" is just cuz i spend so much time to make this thread and i tried to at least make it a bit funny so people don't get bored reading it

Replied to thread: [Epic Big Super Mega CW] The PatricioTGN cw is stupid | CW -> Simplydev, Isaacxsx, Vilictus


Ik, it's a big thread and my grammar is also not the best, but don't compare it with that one.

I tried to add some colors to try making it more cool to read xd

Created a new thread: [Epic Big Super Mega CW] The PatricioTGN cw is stupid | CW -> Simplydev, Isaacxsx, Vilictus

Well I have a lot to talk about trust me 99% of my brain cells died reading that thread.

Here the thread to have some context (make a backup of your brain to be safe before reading it): https://wearedevs.net/forum/t/21918


Well let's start!


Why is that cw stupid?


1) Almost impossible to understand cuz of the grammar (this is not the point of this thread but this is a fact ngl)


But now imagine that you understand it... Let's comment it a bit






Well.... ok this is true but, how is this exposing the owner, legit tons of free exploits does the same, for example, a really popular free exploit that does this is Aspect (And ofc there is no problem, as you are paying the devs)


Well that "cw" was made by 3 guys: Vilictus, Simplydev and isaacxsx


So let's talk a bit about them!

3) Simplydev


Simplydev is the guy that made the UI of TGN, and as you expected.... It's skidded from Hexo :D!!! (And Patricio paid for it)


Thanks to Immune for this proof^^ 

And Ofc Patricio didn't know that it was skidded.


4) Isaacxsx


Isaacxsx is a really big skid, prob one of the biggest skids I've seen in time.


Let's see why!


He "made" tgn hub.




On this part of the cw we can see a lot of things, so let's talk about them one by one.


- Vilictus (the guy that published the cw) say that Isaacxsx never got paid for making the script hub.


Well, he "made" a script hub because he wanted to, he never asked to get paid and well the script hub is fully pasted so lucky Patricio that didn't had to pay him for it (and now imagine if it were not skidded, why would he pay for it if he doesn't have the source???).


Here some proof of it being FULLY skidded:

Constant dump of the prison life script of tgn hub: Constant Dump of TGN Hub -> Prison life - Pastebin.com

The script from where he skidded: PrisonBreaker V1.5 lol - Pastebin.com

TGN Hub for Prison Life (can be used with any executor, no need to use tgn): https://elitex.xyz/tgn/hub/prison_life.txt


You can check by yourself the constant dump and compare it with Prison Breaker v1.5, if that is not enough proof for you then just use both scripts and for example, use the teleports, they use the same position ofc as it's pasted.


It supports more games but ofc when someone skid one thing they skid more and more so no need to check other games.


Also if you think that he credited the owner of PrisonBreaker then you are wrong:



He credited himself as "Main Owner", Lol?

Claudiocelular tried to teach him lua but ofc he didn't learn anything and pasted all:





Vilictus (the guy that published the cw) also said that PatricioTGN said to give him the source of the script hub

Well ye he did but he said: "Could you give me the source of the hub? ill see what I can do before you lose your pc, I won't publish anything"

This and what Vilictus said is kinda dif, as the way that Vilictus say it seems like Patricio was telling Isac to give him the source cuz why not, and he never said he would edit it, he just said he will see what he can do. 


5) Vilictus


Who tf are you idk anything about you so no cw for you.

The next time try to know what you are talking about before making a thread, and don't use google translator, my English it's trash and I don't use any translator


Yes here this cw ends, ill prob edit and add more things when I stop being a lazy cat.

Replied to thread: [Release] Trigon Evo | Custom DLL, Unique UI, OP ScriptHub & Much More!!


Ofc, trigon and spero always were partners

Replied to thread: [Rel] Delta V3 | Custom DLL, Multi API , Much More...

exploit = epic

dll = epic too