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Replied to thread: I'd like a little improvement to WeAreDev's aimbot script

Please Be My prime minister when you are old enough



Replied to thread: Any tips for wpf?

Yeah there should be some good stuff above ^^

Replied to thread: can i make exploit in uwp?

Yt is a great thing online

Replied to thread: Misako's Decompiler and Disassembler.

Ayy nice look forward to this

Replied to thread: Add A Section Just For Exploit Releases


That is true thanks for answering.

Created a new thread: Add A Section Just For Exploit Releases

So It would be much appreciated if we could have a roblox section just for the releases or updates on roblox exploits instead of going through the roblox section.


Or even a tag system where before you relase a exploit you have a tag called "release" so people know its a roblox exploit release, also tags for other stuff if that were to happen.




Replied to thread: [ Update! ] Panda A+ v19.2 | A Simple Roblox Executor

vouch always been a great and smooth ui :D

Replied to thread: can i have a hwid spoofer?




Best val spoofer:

Replied to thread: can i have a hwid spoofer?

they are paid

Replied to thread: wearedevs virus?



Replied to thread: anyone know any "hacks"

if you dont want to use scripts and all the setup with exploiting and all use roware it has aimbot and esp trigger bot and works in lots of fps games like phantom forces and bad business and arsenal + never been banned why being blatent

Replied to thread: What exploit should I use

ro wares the best ud exploit for fps games rn no matter the exploit


Replied to thread: how to not get banned from roblox while exploiting?


go to


then delete the file:



the empty ur recycling bin and you are all good




Use WearDevs 268 fixer: