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I want a roblox exploit thats not detected by antivirus :(


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is this a extenstion? or how to use?


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it has it

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use project evolution script i have never been banned


loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Created a new thread: OOOOPPPPP MM2 SCRIPT?!

i really am sick of all these people going


OOoOooooHHhhhhHhhHh i fouND a ReaLLy oP Mm2 sCRipT!!!!


but all it has is esp and tp gun like wtf i want a really good one and i mean REALLY good thats free.

compare it to phantom forces, some people just like aimbot and esp but then there are really good ones

like silent aim,rainbow guns,bhop,inf jump,triggerbot 


u get it

so i was wondering if anyone had any good ones that are free and work on top end free exploits (eg krnl)


ty :D

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whats the problem?


also it might be bc its update day or something so just wait till it updates (5h-1day)

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looks kinda sus?

no viruses?

Replied to thread: Is steamunlocked safe?



Replied to thread: [Tutorial] How To Add Your Exploit Live Chat + Login Register, For Free!

very pog but me dumb and lazy to learn code :( 

but nice release!

Replied to thread: Rate the UI of UniSploit V(Roblox Exploit I'm making)

what dll or api u gonna use?




use these public ones or make ur own up to u

1 krnl (modified)

2 oxygen

3 arch


ui is average but nice good

Created a new thread: Is steamunlocked safe?

so i have been using steamunlocked for a while on my school computor and i just wanted to no if its safe bc i have been 

downloading games like cod and stuff


just wanting to know if this site is safe to download?


Created a new thread: How can you detect a false positive and a real virus in exploits?

in virus total there are so many things i don't understand


can someone please summarize what they all mean?


Replied to thread: Counter strike 1.6 cheats?

@lo4 @dead_locust

i tried but idk if they are safe bc they look sus

Created a new thread: Counter strike 1.6 cheats?

so soes anyone have counter strike 1.6 cheats like aimbot and esp that also work in bot mode?


free as well please :D

even if its like a dll inject