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I want a roblox exploit thats not detected by antivirus :(


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krnls the best to use in terms of execution, there api is the best out there rn

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very nice and clean

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surely someone can give me credits :D



please thanks




Replied to thread: Congrats to our new moderators 🎉

Ayyyy nice well done :D

Replied to thread: Google vps (Slow when i want to play roblox)


so instead of using windows server os i should use linux os to play roblox?

Replied to thread: [RATE] BWRD THEMES / Discord Light & Dark / RGB / WeAreFemboys

@Shade_0122 @Shade_0122

so delete everything in both and paste that into both?

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remind me what's the script Kraken hub?

Replied to thread: What to tell parents if I want to buy Synapse X? (dumbest question LOL)

tell them i want to waste money on a roblox hack even tho there are free ones :D

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oooooooooooo seems cool because i would love that

Replied to thread: Comet now on the front page!

yes very good :333

Replied to thread: Google vps (Slow when i want to play roblox)


well what is the best os to play on, on the google vps? (eg, linux)

Replied to thread: is there a way to get unbanned on counter blox without a appeal? (eg, script)


it was a really long time ago like 1 year ago