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Replied to thread: Delta Key Sys Cracked

to be honest
Delta *probably wont be a Multi-API exploit in the future, idk i feel cute*
but vouch for this, since this should warn the developers about their key system's invulnerability (idk if i typed that correctly)
also Lxnny are you fat
you literally stated that Delta had no key sys in your siggy LMAO

Created a new thread: [REQUIRES MEMCHECK BYPASS] - Trustcheck Bypass

Since Trustcheck1/2's pseudo is different, and is weird, I wanted to make this and release since Gogo1000 keeps releasing Memcheck bypasses

The idea behind this is, you go to "Trustcheck failed" string in IDA, then in the ASM you can see HERE

just use their (gogo1000/0x90's) auto-updating memcheck bypass and then use this:

also, i added it to a GitHub so I could update it
this would save people that doesn't use IDA some time

Replied to thread: [ RATE ] Microsoft Office Executor ( Soon to be Open Source )

even tho you just replicated, this would be comfortable to use, to be honest
expecting more work from you in the future

Replied to thread: Exploit API rewritten again (No more Windows 7 support)

i think its not the Windows 7 that's the problem, its the DirectX version that the PC's has, check if your PC is DX11 AND above.


excuse ALL OF YOU  mr. FISHSTICKS has made this by WORKING day AND NIGHT
for this y'all should be RESPECTING him and NOT HATING HIM
vouch for this release, you hot man.

Replied to thread: [CW] Vilictus | Skidding | Scamming | Pedophilia | Ddosing

god youre like
Reversed V2

also ew vilictus should just be banned from this community
holy sh*t, he's disgusting..

Replied to thread: "Reversed is a scammer."

clutch mode
thank you.

Replied to thread: "Reversed is a scammer."

i'll only stop cuz you asked for it bb <3 lylylyly no homoe

Replied to thread: [CW] Reversed Scamming/Ban Evasion(v3rm repost)

bump, people should see this miserable retard.

Replied to thread: "Reversed is a scammer."

done with your petty arguements?

Replied to thread: ui, rate if youd like

vouch, really well done
chrons is a good boi :D

Replied to thread: "Reversed is a scammer."

reversed, its about time you quit the community for real.
you've been doing nothing but just making cw's back and forth, then go away for 5-6 months, then come back and do the same.

you're 20, you're at an age where you need to get married OR at least have a girlfriend or something, NOT ARGUE with teenagers on a roblox exploiting forum.

Replied to thread: "Reversed is a scammer."

You're a f*cking retard.
"Detected Injectors" are you stupid? Even that shadow exploit of yours was detected during when you were developing it, even with a memcheck bypass, there are ways that roblox CAN STILL DETECT you.

And also, people don't have to use PuppyMilk when they can make their own injectors, though they can still use PuppyMilk (its good, but its UNSUPPORTED in Win11)

Also, you CW'd me while knowing iivillian knew about Magnius' transpiler and everything else, iivillian was OKAY with it, now he and I work on Misako, along with 4-5 beautiful developers.
What will you do to me this time, "delusional" adult?
spoiler alert: rakion99's also in the dev team, you cant do anything really.

Replied to thread: | PAID IMAGE HOST

vouch omfg hot hot image host even I use it for my hentai vault!

Replied to thread: "Reversed is a scammer."

I've only seen you call out people for their tiniest mistakes, and you call everyone skids at first glance
I can't believe I used to look up to you, I feel ashamed of myself for that.

Don't you dare call MCGamin's exploit "skidded", he actually studies and puts his school before exploiting unlike you, a typical moron.
When will you quit the community? This place does not deserve a garbage person like you.