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You know you can just erase the whole school computer and then there will be no antivirus

Created a new thread: IF you have sirhurt delete it look at this v3rmillion thread read all of it for your own safety they know your ip

IF you join sirhurt discord it has been raided by a thirtenn year old i think and the creator of sirhurt is loggin  our data that means our ip computer name roblox user name and other things ARE BEING EXPOSE... i just read this and found out even doe i know but sirhurt his now a virus delete it and go on the website and delete your account there to V3RMILLION THRED IMPORTANT READ ALL OF IT CLICKFORLINK

this is some of the log data that was on sirhurt

Created a new thread: synapase x account

FREE SYNAPASE X ACCOUNT!!! pastebin/23921

Created a new thread: synapase x account

Free Synapase x account