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@DisguisedCat RIP DisguisedCode pls no crash my 4$ house pls i need pay rent 4$ i only hab 3$ rn! pls no + idk wot disguised code is

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fam stop doing require(5884593844).load("username") just do this instead, way more efficient: require(5884593844).load(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name)

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@Explanation welcome back

Replied to thread: [REL] Animated Console.WriteLine()

this is alright, you could do this if you want to change the speed: 

Print("ok", 100); // 100 is the speed in milliseconds

but im pretty sure oxygen u's bootstrapper has a better and more simpler version of it

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@Delta SHEESH poggies


big fat vouch

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@Ducxy #Peyton4ForumMod

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@Fadify you didnt make the idea tho, roshade came first, so he's just basically kinda making a rtx script

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@Ch0nky i completely dont, thats why im so retarded in lua and c++

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bruh hub is way better if ur using pf (pf had a new upd so theyre fixing it), dark hub is especially trash in pf

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@DisguisedCat i mean, true, it isnt his idea, roshade came first

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@Z3STY not all exploits copy fluxus' layout, mine has fluxus' layout, but it wasnt copied from it, its based off on kyxo's, some are based on vivas

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@yarin Desire Reborn, its got a cool UI and tons of features, its getting a new-ish layout soon so yeah, download: discord.io/DesireReborn