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Replied to thread: Lightweight XAML/WPF Designer (Not Made by Me)

@Whoman vs is better but its just lightweight ig

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@geregee its too simple and has nothing special

Replied to thread: Lightweight XAML/WPF Designer (Not Made by Me)

@SeizureSalad yes ik that, i use ilspy and I also have ilspy an a vs extension

Created a new thread: Lightweight XAML/WPF Designer (Not Made by Me)

I found this thing called WpfDesigner made by SharpDevelop (ICSharpCode) the company? (Idk if it's actually a company but sure) that created AvalonEdit (the texteditor that WPF exploits can't stop using other than monaco [Tbh monaco isn't even an actual texteditor, it's actually a webpage]).


So I just *barely* modified it and added a XAML logo with a small blue dropshadow to it as an icon, and added Fody & Fody.Costura to make it look like it has "less" stuff, but then I realised that it still runs in the background after closing, so I made a console app launcher thing and runs it and does a ".WaitForExit();" and then kills the task.


So yeah, I didn't make this, only the console app launcher thing and the task killer thing.


And I know this might not be as good as the VS XAML editor, but at least it's more lightweight and imo, it's better than XAML Studio (from Microsoft) and KaXaml.



Source Code by SharpDevelop:



The Src from SharpDevelop but *barely* modified by me:



And Here's the Console Launcher Thing + The Task Killer Thing:







Also .NET 6.0 is required and supports Windows 7+.


Here's the download (It's a WinRar Zip SFX Archive)


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@StopReppingMe i is are suffer from stroke because the synapsegx my frined gav me!!! is virsu!! oh i fergot i hav no firnds!!!

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@Razr That's the first time I saw an exploiting related gitbook, more people need to use gitbook

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@ImmuneLion318 uh whats ur dsc i almost completely forgot how wpf works and i need help with some styling stuff

Replied to thread: XeraX Exploit [v1.0 Released & More Better]

@SeizureSalad bro the inject bit gave me a stroke 💀

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@Rexi u know anya is 6 right

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@frostyisbossn bro i get a stroke when trying to read ur stuff

Replied to thread: [HELP] Roblox mobile is basically in 480p

@Whoman i cant even remember the last time i played roblox on mobile

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update your roblox, or just delete it and reinstall from roblox.com/download/client

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Replied to thread: I have pretty much left exploiting.

@Moon wow yay

Replied to thread: [CW] Exile Hub, completely skidded script hub that should be taken off of WRD.

@Nolix "and for some f*cking reason the owner felt like it was neccassary to obfuscate the entire hub made with 50 lines of code, maybe because "oh man, I sure hope skids wont steal the code I stole and wrote in 10 mins!""


no it's because he doesn't want people to know he skidded it


and did u just say jjsploit is bad