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epix haxcors man


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Replied to thread: [CW - Short version] SirWeeb and his gf: hypocrisy, role abuse and awful behaviour both in and outside Novaline

honestly i don't care


Created a new thread: celerys discord (his exploit that uses ranket)

hi does anyone have the disocerds erver for that bc i need it!!!!

Replied to thread: Help | Im getting Sued

Listen i don't know any context behind this but GETTING SUED FOR A LEGO HACK? Like dawg no need to flex that you must protect your skidded code that might be open sourced.

Replied to thread: [REL] HWID Authenticator

Nice code you got there! ITS OUR CODE NOW (joke)

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balls r itchy

Replied to thread: ( MEME! ) - WeAreDevs Slander Meme #7

Nice memes, I'd like to see me in one

Replied to thread: [self-CW] luau is speedsterkawaii (apology)

@crazy_cat Good to see some people remember me :thumbsup:

Replied to thread: [self-CW] luau is speedsterkawaii (apology)

@crazy_cat I've been working on studio games. I quit making cheats just because it got boring + most people will just end up using Fluxus. I've also gotten into "Fraud" Amazon methods are nice.

Replied to thread: SirHurt | Cheap ROBUX A/T & Script Executor | Lifetime 10$ | Service since 2015

Im going to give you props on keeping SirHurt alive but to be honest Icepools I think its time you put SirHurt to rest. Currently free exploits are beating you and your selling your cheat. I'd suggest trying to find new people / rewrite SirHurt.

Replied to thread: [self-CW] luau is speedsterkawaii (apology)

@crazy_cat See speed is just "weird" in general and lies alot so just idk ab this second chance stuff becasue ive said to him sure ill give you another shot but YET AGAIN here we are.

Replied to thread: [self-CW] luau is speedsterkawaii (apology)

speed idk why im ab to rant ab you but heres the issue. I've said so many times to "change" and "learn" and you keep saying "yeah' "okay" "sure" but i never see anything happen. You just keep doing the same things you've always done such as skidding or doing some other bullsh*t. Listen please be for real this time and become a better you in a way. Take some time to reflect on your self and maybe help your self mentaly.

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ok lmao /chars