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epix haxcors man


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Created a new thread: little youtube jew logging (:

hello so i caught this breathing loser log some people + me cuz im stupid af

anyway leme show you the proof


if you cant see that its a logger you must be lacking brain functioin but heres more



now why the duck would you need an exe with that bs to download a script.

i must of been stoned becasue im not this stupid lmao


theres his channel hope this little clash royale looking jew burns in hell  (:


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faggots :trolley:

Replied to thread: JJSploit suddenly starts refusing to attach.


Replied to thread: I'm coming back

hi welcome bnack ig 

Replied to thread: Developers, Unite!

@Aja do you change ur damn every damn day like bro

Replied to thread: what is the use of C++ in reblex exploiting


Replied to thread: Developers, Unite!

ok. whats ur discord btw

Replied to thread: [REL] Coco Z4 lite

stop-    this fourm is something else bro


going to be honest i cant even get axon working because its aids (before the inline update) but now because roblox is gay they inlined there functions ex: r_lua_gettop so its going to be hard to get functions working ex: getgenv but i think the basic addys required should be easy to fix or whatever. I also suggest learning off an LBI because its one of the most easy execution methods released. 

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bro- wtf....  why are people like this

Replied to thread: CW | PRANKSTERRIA | SKIDDING

who cares tbh

Created a new thread: wtf happend to the fourm

bro i was gone for like a few weeks and i would sometimes check in but like most threads are now pointless in a way and theres so much - rep on accounts like damn bruh

anyway might come back to roblox ive been working on something

so uh yeah 

Replied to thread: lunar csgo lol

@Aja bet

Replied to thread: lunar csgo lol

@deadlocust im really not to sure yet ill try some stuff but yeah for sure the basic esp and aimbot

Created a new thread: lunar csgo lol

disvlamer im not doing this becaue this guy posted the offsets ive wanted todo a csgo cheat for a bit now.

ok so roblox gay roblox no fun to update / make work yes so my small brain do csgo because csgo seem cool
and hip and easy to make cheat for yes thank reading.

translation: hi im making a csgo cheat instead of roblox because roblox's internals have changed because it went public
ill be making a discord soon once i have some progress done on it so yeah bye bye