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Replied to thread: ZypherBypasses | Free Exploit Key Bypasses

@Wabzong.. The Shadow Softworks team gets bypasses taken down in under 24 hours. We don't joke around about bypasses.

Replied to thread: ZypherBypasses | Free Exploit Key Bypasses

welp time to dmca strike a website soon again

Replied to thread: Exploit API

ok so what your gonna need to do is go into visual studio, click ctrl + a then right click then delete, then click alt+f4 then windows key + L and reopen visual studio

Replied to thread: SCRİEST EXPLOİT monaco owl hub level 7 no key

did you take Allan exploits UI source and followed his UI tutorials..?

Replied to thread: My roblox exploit

screen shot virus total x3

Replied to thread: Skisploit is a damn virus and the wearedevs site doesn't do anything.

@Uxuskstfu skisploit is the worst exploit id rather use cheat engine

Replied to thread: [Thoughts?] Exploit Idea (Might Release)

hot made me cum

Created a new thread: Boba Bricker (boba simulator)

hi I'm back with another release so let's get to it
 Auto Drink
 Auto Sell
 Redeem RUSSO Code
 Redeem SPACE Code
 Redeem ToTheHeavens Code
 Redeem 3MilVisits Code
 Kill Roblox
 Load In Infinite Yield
 Load In CMD-X
Local Player
 Walk speed Slider
 Jump power Slider
 Infinite Jump
loadstring(game:HttpGet((""), true))()

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Arsenal - Super OP Script By EHub Community.

save yourself some time by not joining the discord server

the script is:


Replied to thread: DO NOT RUN "SURTUCH"

@simple_xIt doesn't matter. This is still a blatant virus

Replied to thread: DO NOT RUN "SURTUCH"

@GooogleWell the user posting it is "Volcano11". Coco did some investigating and saw that it has the WRD API

Replied to thread: DO NOT RUN "SURTUCH"

Replied to thread: DO NOT RUN "SURTUCH"

@Goooglehe didn't even try, he couldn't even name the .exe correctly

Replied to thread: DO NOT RUN "SURTUCH"

@GooogleMy anti-virus deleted it instantly, and it will steal more than just chrome passwords & CC's it will take your chrome passwords, discord token, it has a btc miner too prob

Created a new thread: DO NOT RUN "SURTUCH"

Some gay kid posted a exe claiming its a CSGO cheat. If he did some basic research, he would know that CSGO cheats use DLL's and DLL injectors, not EXE's. This is a blatant virus that will steal your passwords and other things. Do not run this.

The user posting it is 'Volcano11"


The VT is below that he is refusing to post, this is an obvious password stealer and such