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Replied to thread: Hello WeAreDevs Team!!! I want to publish my Exploit...

its actually disgusting

Replied to thread: Thoughts on Coco Z?

@cocotechnology Paid, and a linkvertise key?


So like can we purchase a key that doesnt expire?

And are you also doing temp keys with linkvertise?

Or no link shorteners?

Created a new thread: Thoughts on Coco Z?

I've been using out coco z for a little bit, and so far im a big fan.


Wondering if anyone else has prefrences they would share?


In my opinin, here are some things I like about it.

  • It has many scripts already loaded on it, so I dont have to go on a scavenger hunt for scripts.
  • It has a nice gui, with a very nice animation when you start it.
  • It does well with handling scripts, its doesnt make my computer go to 5 fps like jjsploit

Anyone else have some pros / cons they can give to me?

Replied to thread: Locus Mods thinks he Cracked Kronos, lmao heres his source

i love how dumb the wrd forums can be

Replied to thread: [REL] Prison Life GUI

Big fan, good job.



Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Time of Day Display (TODD)

Nice, this is really cool. 


Vouch, I think this is a cool script.

Replied to thread: req aresnal purple team script

Not possible, it is a whitelist system so you would have to edit the actual game's script in order to give yourself purple team.


However, I have had some glitches where it showed I had the purple team even though I couldnt click on it. Thats the closest you would probably be to getting purple team.


Also, you are probably using jjsploit so.. 


I mean you asked for the whole admin pannel like wtf??


Replied to thread: How to make a cube.

open blender than slap the cube in there


there you go you have a cube 



Replied to thread: [REQUEST] Name ESP Script

ahah just use jjsploit bro


its way better then syn x 


like it is soo much better


it injects way faster and has more script compatibility  



Replied to thread: Remove Slurp From The Front Page

slurp potion


pls dont leave me 



Replied to thread: jjsploit not working



way better exploit

Replied to thread: My jj script is keep crashing + not working.


Replied to thread: jjsploit not working

agreed man it sucks

Replied to thread: jjsploit not working/glitching

just dont use jjsploit, its that simple