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works nice, cool

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getgenv().Configuration = {

     GodMode = false, --Self explanatory.

     KillAllNpcs = false, --If this is enabled that means it will kill ALL npcs/players including your teammates, making it disabled that means it will only kill the polices.

     AutoKillPolice = false, --Will kill all polices when they spawn.

     InfiniteStamina = false, --Self explanatory.



loadstring(game:HttpGet(('https://pastebin.com/raw/rebSYkvY'), true))()




Made by BillsTheGod

His discord: https://discord.com/invite/qnWhWJS




The script has like kill all, god mode, infinite stamina & more

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game link retard

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you seem pretty desperate

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im not joking jjsploit best1!!!!

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yea but thats just using a code


unless you can execute it multipule times, then it would be semi infinite cash

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In order to copy a plot, you'd either have to have the exact items they are using or have a script that automatically gives you the items. 


It would be server side, and I do not think a free exploit will handle server side scripts.



Created a new thread: (REQ) Richmond - Alpha Script

Hello everyone, I spent like 20 minutes really looking for a script for this game but I didn't find anything. If anyone had a script for this game, it would be very helpful!





Created a new thread: [DEBATE] jjsploit is the best exploit, change my mind

jjsploit is by far the best exploit, its free, it has the cleanest ui and animations. it is the first exploit ever to be able to execute server side scripts so you can use it to get purple team on arenal!!!!!

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its actually disgusting

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@cocotechnology Paid, and a linkvertise key?


So like can we purchase a key that doesnt expire?

And are you also doing temp keys with linkvertise?

Or no link shorteners?

Created a new thread: Thoughts on Coco Z?

I've been using out coco z for a little bit, and so far im a big fan.


Wondering if anyone else has prefrences they would share?


In my opinin, here are some things I like about it.

  • It has many scripts already loaded on it, so I dont have to go on a scavenger hunt for scripts.
  • It has a nice gui, with a very nice animation when you start it.
  • It does well with handling scripts, its doesnt make my computer go to 5 fps like jjsploit

Anyone else have some pros / cons they can give to me?

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i love how dumb the wrd forums can be

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Big fan, good job.



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Nice, this is really cool. 


Vouch, I think this is a cool script.