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Replied to thread: Stealing a Game on Mac

First, love the use of the word "Stealing" in the title

Second, if you don't already have Calamari then get it (paid)

Third, click this and paste all the code into the bottom part of Calamari

Fourth, go to Finder and then into wherever your main drive is > calamari > workspace to see the xml place file that was downloaded

Fifth, Mac? Really? You're using Roblox Studio and becoming a Roblox developer on a Mac? Whatever, I don't judge that much.


Problems? uh idk run the script again


  • Fluxus doesn't work on a Mac
  • Link the game we can probably do it for you

Replied to thread: Can You Please Give Me A Script To Kill Everybody On Prison Life

--this is jake11price's, copy the whole post and paste it into your executor

workspace.Remote.TeamEvent:FireServer("Medium stone grey")

    game.Workspace.Remote.ItemHandler:InvokeServer(workspace.Prison_ITEMS.giver["Remington 870"].ITEMPICKUP)
    local function kill(a)
        local A_1 =
            [1] =
                ["RayObject"] =, 101.429337, 2269.43945),, 8.65560055, -83.2166901)),
                ["Distance"] = 3.2524313926697,
                ["Cframe"] =, 101.334137, 2267.87988, 0.0636406094, 0.151434347, -0.986416459, 0, 0.988420188, 0.151741937, 0.997972965, -0.00965694897, 0.0629036576),
                ["Hit"] = a.Character.Head
            [2] =
                ["RayObject"] =, 101.429337, 2269.43945),, -8.44939327, -76.7261353)),
                ["Distance"] = 3.2699294090271,
                ["Cframe"] =, 101.184189, 2267.93506, 0.0964837447, 0.0589403138, -0.993587971, 4.65661287e-10, 0.998245299, 0.0592165813, 0.995334625, -0.00571343815, 0.0963144377),
                ["Hit"] = a.Character.Head
            [3] =
                ["RayObject"] =, 101.429337, 2269.43945),, -2.50536323, -92.2163162)),
                ["Distance"] = 3.1665518283844,
                ["Cframe"] =, 101.236496, 2267.80371, 0.0166504811, 0.0941716284, -0.995416701, 1.16415322e-10, 0.995554805, 0.0941846818, 0.999861419, -0.00156822044, 0.0165764652),
                ["Hit"] = a.Character.Head
            [4] =
                ["RayObject"] =, 101.429337, 2269.43945),, 3.13988972, -72.5452042)),
                ["Distance"] = 3.3218522071838,
                ["Cframe"] =, 101.285957, 2267.9707, 0.117109694, 0.118740402, -0.985994935, -1.86264515e-09, 0.992826641, 0.119563118, 0.993119001, -0.0140019981, 0.116269611),
                ["Hit"] = a.Character.Head
            [5] =
                ["RayObject"] =, 101.429337, 2269.43945),, 3.2097764, -85.5477524)),
                ["Distance"] = 3.222757101059,
                ["Cframe"] =, 101.286423, 2267.86035, 0.0517584644, 0.123365127, -0.991010666, 0, 0.992340803, 0.123530701, 0.99865967, -0.00639375951, 0.0513620302),
                ["Hit"] = a.Character.Head
        local A_2 = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack["Remington 870"]
        local Event = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").ShootEvent
        Event:FireServer(A_1, A_2)
        Event:FireServer(A_1, A_2)
    for i, v in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do
        if v.Name ~= game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name then
    workspace.Remote.TeamEvent:FireServer("Bright orange")

Replied to thread: [LUA] How to make a Infinite Money script.

3. When executed, try finding something like AddCash, GiveMoney or something like that in ReplicatedStorage. If there is nothing such as this, it means it's almost impossible to get yourself money from ReplicatedStorage.

Okay, probably but not impossible... people can name their remotes whatever they want.

4. Now you should receive money. If not, it means that you did something wrong, or you don't have a good enough exploit, or there was a problem with the remote because the remote wasn't for that.

Specifically the "it means that you did something wrong, or you don't have a good enough exploit, or there was a problem with the remote because the remote wasn't for that" I have trouble with:

  • If the exploit can't do a remote function, it probably can barely do anything
  • You told us exactly how to do it
  • Step 1 was get a good exploit
  • Yes programmers do bait remotes, most remotes called AddCash will kick upon execution

also like everyone else said use remotespy

and link dex too

Replied to thread: [HELP] Does :find/string.find exist?


no idea, but I do think it... might be wrd+?

anyways, I'm just going to move on from the markdown module for now and use RichText.


Replied to thread: Looking for a good UI designer

"I can either pay you or make you a website."
so my options are I get paid or I get a website...


btw i dont think my ui skills are that good to actually be on topic lol
if you actually want to see my ui creation then go here
or im actually stupid and you mean in wpf or wf

Replied to thread: [HELP] Does :find/string.find exist?

why is there all that whitespace whenever I post


Created a new thread: [HELP] Does :find/string.find exist?

Hello every peoples, today I will be asking a question unrelated to exploiting (mostly because I don't have access to the devforum).

I've recently been trying to create a forums game because everybody who joined in 2018 looked at YouTube and instantly thought "HEY BRING BACK FORUM!!1!11!". I'm doing this via GUI and other cool stuff with DataStore2 and whatever, but I found this one module called Markdowner from a simple DDG search ("markdown for roblox gui") (plugging ddg) which returned me a cool looking open-source module. And whoop-de-do, I'm not the best game developer ever and don't know how ModuleScripts work. After I figured it out, the Output said this: ReplicatedStorage.Markdowner.markdown:162: attempt to index nil with 'find'. I look at line 162, and, sure enough...

Now, I don't know if this means string.find, or if I need to replace all :find(s) with string.find, or if I can make a variable for it..? And this uses the 2015 markdown.lua, if you know what that is. Some explanation of this would be appreciated.


from markdown.lua is erroring, need a solution pleas


Replied to thread: How can I inprove SentroX

I have not downloaded it yet, but spell developed right and Stop Using Proper Case or even Random case Please.

Replied to thread: [REL] ToolSearcher

@MadeInHeaven are they tools? if not, no. are they found on the ground aswell? if yes, yes.

Replied to thread: [YES] This is amazing.

ok wrd+

also the content length must be 10-5000 chars but its going to be over it anyways

Created a new thread: [YES] This is amazing.



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Replied to thread: how to use wpf ;-; (im dumb ok) || Juan Fazbear


first thing:

click view

click toolbox

now drag stuff on because windows does much better aligning on wpf


second thing:

select anything

press some buttons and rename some things and change some enums in the properties window


Replied to thread: [REL][alpha] WRD+ V3

@PoopMaster Looking good, is there a difference from WRD+ Mention and the basic mention? (yes there is its if the normal mention glitched, but can you remove the WRD+ part?)



and my god spoilers look epik



Every time I edit this happens:

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Replied to thread: [UI] Preference of Framework

@OpenGamerTips Many have mixed opinions on that

cough cough ZaphireHacks