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Probably dead, resetting operating systems is more fun than doing Roblox hacks. Email me at for whatever.



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am i the only one who hates programs which don't use the os's toolkit?

mac is not windows, this is for windows, make it look like windows, uwp exists if you want windows' approach on m o d e r n

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when in doubt name it something someone cant look up


well ignoring all the other problems in this thread this is another one, but its obvious that this wouldn't be searchable

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Another thing: stop using linebreaks and use CSS. This is the page on mobile, along with the inspector, full of linebreaks:

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0.23147935036544576/1 (Math.random() lol)


why is there comic sans

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this one might be my problem

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and I know this is a unrealistic standard but come on people just attach the MIT License instead of saying "uwu credit me"

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not exploiting specifically but is epic looking imo

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I understand the GUI is a bit bland, but bloating it or making it pop more might take away the original approach: simplicity. I wouldn't mind adding a lexer, parser, and general coloring to the scripting box. Right now, everything is grey.




The rQuery I linked, yes. You might be thinking of a different one, since right now I'm pretty sure nobody knows about my rQuery. Could be wrong about that.

(there are many, many, other things called rQuery when I look it up)

Created a new thread: [REL] ERSEI (Server-sided GUI)


EthanMcBloxxer's Roblox Server-sided Execution Interface


This is not an "ooh gimme keey fo robucks so i cna hax gam" thread, ERSEI is an open-sourced script that creates a modern interface for actually running code. There isn't any "JONE DOE OHMG" buttons anywhere, which should make this more useful to people who can already program in Luau.


ERSEI has not yet been distributed inside of any models.



ERSEI is, as aformentioned in the disclaimer, open-source.


It depends on some things you've probably seen before:

All code not a part of those dependencies are licensed under CC by NC-ND 4. (yes, I know that code under creative commons is a bit weird)



As (yet again) mentioned before, ERSEI creates a modern interface:


which is also draggable and closable.



Nothing happens when a user joins the game, but when the user chats ERSEI (in any case), ERSEI will load, make this cool loading splash screen, and be ready for use.


Once ERSEI has been loaded the first time, you can also chat ERSEI (in any case) and Luau code, which will be ran on the server (sersei print("from server") will print "from server" on the server).



Since ERSEI is open-source, you can download the .rbxmx (Roblox XML Model File) at ERSEI works nearly everywhere that scripts can execute (including Workspace and ServerScriptService), so embedding it inside of a model is very simple. Just remember, if you don't choose to use a loader, you should make various tweaks to it. "require" shouldn't be seen, and "getfenv" usage should be minimal.


If you'd prefer not embedding ERSEI itself inside of a model, you can append "return true" to the end of it (and Reclass to a ModuleScript), name it "MainModule", upload it as an asset, and use the following loader (or your own):


_=5260904251 --[[< replace that "_" variable with the ERSEI asset you created]] local f="hello world" local e="string" local c="." local d="find" local function a(_)return utf8.char(_[12],_[20]+1,_[12]-1,117,_[1]+1,114,101)end local function b()local function _()return a(table.pack(string.byte("have fun "..e..c..d.."ing lololol",1,-1)))end return _()end f=b() getfenv()[f](--[[hmvortex]]_--[[TODO]])



While a dedicated repository doesn't yet exist for ERSEI, I host it on my repository. Just edit ersei.rbxmx after editing and exporting with your changes in a fork, then pull request.

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@deadlocust Oh that's pretty cool I was looking at a w3schools tutorial and they explain everything like you don't know any other languages

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That's probably relative. If you already know C#, then it's definitely difficult, but not impossible. If you know nothing, it'll probably be very, very difficult to begin at C++ (or C).


Speaking from experience (I actually tried programming in C++ for my first programming language and failed miserably)


But maybe exploiting is another story, I can't say.


TLDR: it's hard, okay? go look at Axon and tell me if you can understand more than 50% of the code if you know no C++.


again I could be completely wrong on all these points but I'm trying to actually learn C++ as of now so my opinions might change later

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Well, since game.Workspace refers to the property and not the child, renaming the workspace does nothing when using it.

Created a new thread: workspace or game.Workspace

please read before commenting they're the same thing


While I know these are both the same thing and game.Workspace always points to workspace, I want to know what most's preference is. I use game.Workspace but would like to know if that's more often used than workspace.


I'm also using this for Rosploco, if the data isn't widely skewed to one variable then I won't automatically replace `workspace` with `game.Workspace`. If you prefer one over the other but prefer to not have it automatically be `game.Workspace` you can also mention that.


And I can already see people commenting game:GetService("Workspace"). I know that exists but take a vote at either workspace or game.Workspace.

+ thread 20007 that's pretty epic

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is bad to Roblox, so