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Replied to thread: [HELP] How am I able to make a list box like KRNL?

@Alts  We can't just give you codes. You gotta learn them. All you need to learn is TreeView and how to add Items to TreeView.


why do people always forget to add virustotal and screenshot???

Replied to thread: snekpek of unity l0l 


ryle got caught LOL (or whatever his name is)

Replied to thread: SupremeSkid22 (SupremeKid22) Meme's

bruh moments lol

Replied to thread: [REQ] Looking for safe and working Lumber Tycoon 2 duper. Should work with krnl.

You can do manual duplication glitch. Or 2 player glitch.

Replied to thread: about omegax

You said on my dm's that you are gay (no offense). And you like sending cartoon nudes.

Replied to thread: [DEMO] PHP HWID-Based Key System

can't you just give us the source code bruh and invalid download link

Replied to thread: Ui does not look like its supposed to be [WPF/XAML]

in you ScriptList you probably did not set Width that's why it became responsive.

Replied to thread: Dove - The Original ChatSploit

time to remote execute lol























jk pls no bully :<

Replied to thread: Wine | -22 repped | WHAT!? - Nexus42

I don't believe any of this, I trust nexus42 he's been my friend for awhile when I joined this community, he may be a skid sometimes but he doesn't do bad things like this.


shut no bully

Replied to thread: A Cool Discovery On Terraria (Similar to gmod thread)

man deeppain really cracked in gmod rn

Replied to thread: Is KRNL patched?

No, It's not patched.

Replied to thread: X.Spy Roblox Exploit

It sounds impopular so I wouldn't recommend downloading it.

Replied to thread: Free REP, only one rep though to give.

sure required post: 5000

Replied to thread: [CW] Wine Logging again [Nexus42]

that hwid code is kinda weird you can get hwid in less than 6 lines of codes lol