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Replied to thread: [YT Tutorial + SRC] How to Create a Chat System (Node.JS + C#)

OMG THIS IS SO yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Replied to thread: BACKWOODS MARKET | Selling Functions | Functions for your exploits

backwoods more like frontwoods lmao or topwoods or bottomwoods or rightwoods or leftwoods or topleftwoods or toprightwoods or bottomleftwoods or bottomrightwoods

Replied to thread: CSharp Crackme

ze frendo sey itz ze skedded from ze AsStrongAsF*ck

Replied to thread: [RATE] Rate my WPF UI

button alignment focks with my eyes ( as in it distracts me from seeing the dark color )

tab animation sucks

the sidebar color is barely visible

the search bar position looks kinda as$

remove the button "Execute" on the script list

Replied to thread: I Need Help With Making An Api

@0x777_ approved hahahaahhahaha

Replied to thread: [Release] Vanilla - Lite - Minimal - Efficient

garbage name "vanilla" ice cream lol

Replied to thread: how is this layout looking in my ui

 not bad for a lua gui, tho dont use mac buttons lol

Replied to thread: what do u think about this loader ui

@GamerTuran Everything.

Replied to thread: what do u think about this loader ui

dog water, uninstall, never come back

Replied to thread: Show user's socials on threads.

i dont think its possible to code that myself or is it?

Replied to thread: [REL] Discord Joiner ( Like Synapse's)

@SirWeeb The one you we're talking about was the token logging like mine ( tokens are disposed after task ).


My auto joiner = UNDETEC | FULL UD

Replied to thread: [REL] Custom Functions

maybe upload it to github next time so i dont have to download it just to see what is this

Replied to thread: [CW] [Translated 💀] | The Gabloxia | Skidding

ok first of all I made the switchbox style

second of all I did not made it for you to cw everyone who uses it

third of all D4rk did not made my style I did. ( The original copy can be found here )

fourth of all Whoever coded Hexo is stupid


please withdraw the cw part of me, I dont want any users of my releases to be cw'd for no absolute reason

Replied to thread: Changes With Nihon

@0x777_ ... cheater?

Replied to thread: Changes With Nihon

@0x777_ can i make you mine?