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wrd bugggggggggg

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@ThatPhoenix you have a special mental condition

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Garbage, Shissehurt.

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@CyrosDoes not matter, I do not believe he's changed, he's been given hell lot of chances and you are supporting pedophilia right now.

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WRD Acc :


been given permission from iskra to repost the cw. dont understand why icepools was allowed onto this forum.His security is still poor as i've managed with poor knowledge on databases and sh to get acess to his panel and staff server in the past after the db leak where he claimed he improved his site security


Im tired of hearing this dudes name and even seeing him, many will agree onto this, In no way he deserves another chance, he's had many.


Project Reality ("Icepools / SirHurt"), The "IcePools" Experience Pt.1for the love of god v3rm increase the image limit cuz i had like 40/13and if ur wondering yes this is a reupload cuz ice took down my old post lol



-- Before we begin --


The reason for me delaying this CW is due to be being banned on V3rmso please note this was written exactly a week ago.IcePools you won't silence me I didn't screenshot a single dm out of like 400 msgs exchanged I'm deeply sorry :(((User in mind : IcePoolsand im finna get banned lol


------- Credits -------

SmittyHere For screenshots of SirHurt StaffToString for The ByPass method on SirHurtHighSpeedTrain2 for the youtube meme and trimming my gif cuz faces.



------- Intro -------


Welcome Ladies and Gents to the home of a mentally specual person with too much free timeaka Iskra Never Dies here back with another huge C.W.Today we will be talking about [IcePools] and his denial on multiple of thingsstarting from Grooming people online to Blackmail.The reason for this story being 2 Part is because the 2nd person I will be exposing is related to IcePools but not icepoolsso be on the lookout for a v3rm mod being exposed lol.For back-story I recommend everyone reads the story of Tostrings BF and CloroxBleachas these will give you a huge reference to what you are going to see here.This story might be quite long and I will be using most messages I can.I will also provide a gif of our whole convo. please note this is on a smaller resolution and that due to the fact that I'm on holiday now.Usually, I respect the people I am exposing a bit more but this guy is so in denial it's funny.Also please note I will be describing the texts for most part and I might not always be describing the messages right after each otherand that most images wont be embeded due to v3rms image limit.



------- Chapter 1, "Begining" -------

So I saw a lot of people recently are repping Ice and saying he was in the right,Well, I am here maybe I can change your opinions.I've recently seen that IcePools is unbanned on v3rm and saw his thread active again so I went there just to make fun of him tbh lol.[img][/img][img][/img] < Tbf this made me laugh alot , "Ouchman, That's not very nice"[img][/img][img][/img]IcePools dude that does not justify what you've done or atleast attempted to have done.[img][/img]I also like to blackmail people who have nothing to do with the situation but ykyk.[img][/img]Still, not tostring and Clorox oh boy will shisse get spicy there.[img][/img]you will see the "2nd of all" part being important later on



------- Chapter 2, "TOS" -------

In the last screenshot, I have told Icepools to add me in which he hasPOV: >You're 16[img][/img][img][/img]Dear IcePools, I have never in my life seen a company releasing somebodies IP's because of something a person they are related to did.I don't care if he is related to Tostring that is still not Tostring; You had no right.[img][/img]hE WaS A SiRhURT oWneR, And what ?You are supposed to keep your customers safe lol, especially since doxxing is illegal lolRegarding the blackmail, Icepools tried to ruin the relationship between Tostring and Bluwu[img][/img]Which IcePools, denied that he ever saidDude, what do you mean you didn't try lol, You've said it your self that tostring doesn't love Bluwu?Interesting dude...And even if it's specific DMS that does not make it better nor worse since you haven't released the full DMS nor denied it.You have not told us the full story either.[img][/img]So IcePools proceeds to tell me the full story which is 2 lines lmao.Regarding your User Agreement, I don't think it's normal for anyone to release somebodies info just because they arerelated to somebody???Also what inside sources I forgot to ask you that in fact, I know you won't say tho...and even if Bluwu had access to that information why did you go after Bluwu? and attempt to ruin their relationship.>Rules are rulesok Laws are Laws lol honestly, honk you and your agreement,No normal company releases your shisse just because you are related to someone,but one way or another you are releasing somebody's info.and dude wtf you mean you would gain a reasonable conversation from doxxing them; Did I misunderstand you?Now something that annoyed me and is the reason why I titled this thread as Denial;In the above screenshot, you see this message IcePools, you have full control over leaking something or not doing it. honk you and your ToS as you are trying to not take responsibility yes you wouldRegarding the swatting story




------- Chapter 3, "Clorox" -------

In this chapter, we will go over the grooming of Cloroxand see how far IcePools, will truly go to defend himself. sending more messages than we've seen does not make it any better,It makes it worse since you just admitted there is more of this shisse. if I saw a handful from a specific day that does make it worse my guy,It just means there is more.And oh boy will we get into the illegal shisse.>Normal>Yo but like let's honck and No I was not misinformed.And let's get into the legal stuff LMFAO.-



- Sub-Chapter 3.5, "MAPs" --



IcePools, in this chapter will be defending a lot of pedophilia or what he would prolly call it MAP (Minor Attracted Person a term used by pedophiles on twitter).This is a sub-chapter because it is related very much so to Chapter 2. until he finds out about pedophiles online. dude if it's a 13 yr old then no;if I'm 20 and she's 16 then its all right.Dirty talking to someone underage is indeed very much so illegal if not illegal then honked up. are you lol.Regarding you saying it's about where you are in I am not so sure about this but all right.The age of consent in Cali is 18.>she's 16 right but you did want to honck right?and regarding wanting to.You still wanted to honk a minor lol, what else am I suppose to say here...And I truly don't give two flying honks if you asked for nudes or not.



------- Chapter 4, "Ego" -------


This honking man's ego is so high it's incredible how he still thinks he's in the right.In this chapter, we go from him being sad that he was catfished to super high IQ. even if he was older than you lmao,that does not change the fact that you wanted to be with a minor. can we turn this into a meme LMFAOand no you weren't right anywhere lol. was legal lol and everything you said is wrong.and I see you got memory loss since you don't remember when you said it. Yes I know you wouldn't have segs since you're a honking [REMOVED]. message disturbs me because it shows your mentality and how honked it is;our conversation ends here.But the memes don't.



------- Chapter 5, "Memes" ------- are rules lmaoLaws are Laws. Damaged but Clorox wanna honk? if it's online it's all right guys don't worry. IQ HAHAHHAHA man, that's not very nice!'s have fun plsCredits to HighSpeedTrain2



------- Chapter 6, "Data" -------


I would honestly not buy SirHurt due to several factors.My main concern is probably what IcePools does with my data infact if he threatenshis coustomers with Doxxing I'don't think I will be so intrested.Another issue is SirHurt is infact run by a groomer which I have so far prooved in this thread.And SirHurt is run by IcePools not a competent person which ToString has prooved.



------- Chapter 7, "Staff" ------


As of recent I have seen SirHurt Staff defend IcePools actions.Here's some proof. all credits go to SmittyHere dude if im together with a honking 9 year old it's okay because we're together,Just stop man it's disgusting. was legal lol; he would get way more than a warning. do you want us to pull up? age to date someone ? if so an 18 year old should still not be with someone under the age of 18. much so illegal and honked mean I also agree he did something or what ever dude yea like what ever.The pure disrespect of "I don't know , Whatever" just pisses me off.



------- Chapter 8, "Conclusion" -------


In conclusion, Icepools is a moron who doesn't realize anything he has done is wrong at allhe keeps defending pedophilia and actions of pedophilia while also defending his blackmailing actionson Bluwu.and before I leavecredits to HighSpeedTrain2 for this epic meme's outCya.lil trump yuh



------- Credits -------


SmittyHere For screenshots of SirHurt StaffToString for The ByPass method on SirHurtHighSpeedTrain2 for the youtube meme and trimming my gif cuz faces.Also icepoolsFan, till och med  visste när han skulle begÃ¥ självmord

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no I don't think I will

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@pierre_spookthe discord staff server buttons used to work perfectly fine LOL


got yo fat blobby ass kicked off v3rm after seg had to ban you and now came to spread yo garb software over to this site, you aint welcome here

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piece of garbage

not even worth 2 dollars, fails to run 90% of the scripts you throw at it


even jj runs some scripts that this doesnt


not even scripts from its own scripthub work - owlhub is 1 example


injection speed is nowhere near fast - 30secs and a 50/50 chance of it not crashing

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1. Update to Windows 10/11

2. Could be that the cable is loose/not put in properly

3. Could be your GPU