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Apparently talking about "poop positions" can get you neg repped, not suprised though. More suprised on how this caused others to -rep once someone has.



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Sinical really is sinning 

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@SpaceSpiffer totally, I'm so wise. I'm the wisest person and the most humble person on WRD, no one else can beat me :3    


yes yes yes yes yesasfhhhahhhhhhhhhhh



Hope Magnius goes well though, good luck!

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uwu furry owo

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top 10 10 moments

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only works if you have edit access to the game, don't tell me you just realised

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@TERIHAX the question is why he gave up...

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let the snex games begin 

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@MINISHXP hype4meoepej4o3 948rmd

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Exos development moved to MainDab, it was voted on to move it to my main server. You may join MainDab at


MINISHXP decided to discontinue Exos and give the server / transfer ownership to me. This is due to Exos taking his personal time up, and how Exos seemed to become his life.


I will attempt to remake/recontinue Exos due to how I didn't receive the source code for it. I'm not sure how this would end up, but I'll do my best.


If you wish to join Exos, click here.

MINISHXP isn't leaving the exploiting community (hopefully).



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cancel culture at it's finest

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I like the UI, it's simplistic. Hope your exploit goes well :3


(probably not)