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I have not used this script in a decent amount of time but it may work


getgenv().Configuration = {

     GodMode = true, --Self explanatory.

     KillAllNpcs = false, --If this is enabled that means it will kill ALL npcs/players including your teammates, making it disabled that means it will only kill the polices.

     AutoKillPolice = true, --Will kill all polices when they spawn.

     InfiniteStamina = true, --Self explanatory.



loadstring(game:HttpGet((''), true))()


Forgot to mention this only works on exploits that support remote spys. It will still work on krnl though.

It should work on WRD api and Ex API based exploits too

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I can compile it it just has errors stopping me

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How do I use it, if I do build project I get tons of errors like freopen is deprecated so I use #pragma warning(disable : 4996) tp turn it off but it just brings more errors

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From experience of using sentinel I can confirm it doesn't since it doesn't have sethiddenproperty, It might support it in v3 tho.

Created a new thread: What do i need to add to my exploit to make it support things like game.Workspace.SuperSkidV4.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = 200

Also, anybody got a link to that print exploit tutorial?

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so i got synapse and now got the idea of making a fe pet that follows you around game with set hidden property so can sombody give me a explanation on how to use set hidden property?


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Replied to thread: How to get the addresses


Thanks for the address :D Also do you know any good tutorials on how to use ida?

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Thx for actually helping instead of arguing in the chat :D

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Im still working on it i just want the print adress to make sure the code works

Created a new thread: How to get the addresses

So thanks for the advice on my previous post on how to make a exploit, i mangaged to make one with ImGui. And now i just need the adresses to finish off, so can anybody tell me how to get them since i can't find a good tutorial on how to use ida (at the moment my exploit can only print so yeah I also need the adresses to make sure my code works since idk if the method is right).



It can only print atm since i don't want to waste time making more functions just to find out the execution method is wrong.

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I want more of just a straight up tutorial not just me having to spend 2 days to finish a tutorial then forget everything

Created a new thread: Does anybody know how to create a exploit without being a skid

I just want to make a dll that can interface with roblox (i tried axon but i just get around 150 errors)