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Replied to thread: Thanks To Everyone (Nihon On Front Page)

been a supporter since september

Replied to thread: Exposing SpeedSterDevs (Backdooring)

not a surprise

Replied to thread: free exploit thread designs

@efewss yeah he just asked me to do it so i did it


Created a new thread: free exploit thread designs

im gonna make it simple since its getting late and im inactive here so no one cares abt me anymore. 
i make free tread designs. Gooogle pushed me to do this like a month ago but i forgot.

my newest one:

All my others are on my other computer and on this fourm somewhere. i done some for Nihon , from for Raptor when it a thing, dansploit. etc. My contact is @Coryss#2649 on discord.  I can do animations aswell on after effects so hit me up if you want that aswell. 

Replied to thread: [Release] Desire Reborn | Owl Hub Support, Script Hub, Custom Themes, And Many More!

frist project in a while havnt done one of these in over 7 months!

Replied to thread: BugsBunny gfx services | Free thread designs!

Not as good as my ones

Replied to thread: i got banned on roblox for uploading a juice wrld song

@Scripting_Vpnit got uploaded before. i saw it on the audio list and it had those words in it

Replied to thread: Kill3rtr0n And SupremeSkid Framing Me

@Kill3rtr0n people who exposes people for wrong reasons are children. They dont deserve to be on WRD. 

Replied to thread: Nihon [Updated] New UI

i hope it updated on my website

Replied to thread: [PC] HMM - What should i buy

Because its Christmas you should of got the stuff a month ago

Replied to thread: CW | Calao Brizar

Lol this guy stole my video so I copyright stricked him and now he got deleted because i also said he was putting viruses into the downloads which yt found. He he

Replied to thread: Chronic - SirHurt Version

So sirhunt? Can i have a ss. Also no one work for this guy. He pays people but he just asks you for everything. He doesn't treat his staff right.

Created a new thread: Someone tell me if at the moment they have a more stressful life then me xd

So prove to my your life is more stressful. 

Sso my discord server got nuked and they banned 1k members that took 6 months to get.

My grandma is dieing of cancer 

My grandpa had a stroke last week and he got one of the wrost strokes ever but survived. A day later his freind got a stroke of the same number and died. My freinds dad got covid and he is dieing In the hospital. My dog is getting old and he can barely go down 2 steps. I am currently failing school. What can be worse. I am aware their is must wrose that I can be going through like all my family dieing from a bomb or sum. But your life can't be worser then my life in the past month