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Hey! Coryss here! Subscribe to me on YT!


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Replied to thread: Cheap and EXTREMLY Fast Exploit GFX

@SeizureSalad then make a post about it

Replied to thread: Cheap and EXTREMLY Fast Exploit GFX

@crazy_cat 5 buck is pretty cheap. 2 isnt much off

Created a new thread: Cheap and EXTREMLY Fast Exploit GFX

Hello WRD Community!

I am making professional GFX for exploits! REALLY CHEAP

I will give screenshots in comments if you ask or when you DM me on discord

How to order

Start off by DM me on discord

You will say to me this:
Your Exploit name


Their are many options!



How do you copy your username? :Give me your Discord Tag To do so you have to go onto your discord App or webpage. Press on this:

It should copy. Paste it Into the  Discord Tag Area on the Sheet.

How Long does this take? : The GFX takes around 1-5 Hours it can take less then 1 hour depends on what I have to do.

How do you make these ADS?: Adobe Photoshop.

How can I edit it myself after you made it? If you have photoshop I will send you the source for you can edit it yourself! If you dont have photoshop and you still want to edit it I would use Photopea.


More Info

  • I will make 2 for you and you get to choose which one you like best
  • I will redo it as much times you want and redo it for a next update ETC
  • I am Still learning so please, be free to correct me because it just makes me better!
  • You can have 2 ADS maximum. To have more then 2 you have to donate! All donos are under $10. (NO donos are in paypal ETC they are robux and stuff)
  • The exploits I worked for: Nihon,Dansploit,Dove,LX63,Maximus,Raptor Pro by Nexus42

  • Price : 5 dollars per ad package. 




image 1


image 2


image 3



Created a new thread: Exploit/ Website /Youtube Channel Graphic Design by SentroX or coryss

Long time no see

its been almost a year to 2 years and im back.  

I will make you thumbnails profile pictures or even Exploit Banners or advertisments. All info in on my website or DM me at cory#2649


Nice to see you guys. 

Website : Graphic Go

sOME other exploit ones I did is on some of my other posts.

I have worked on Nihon , DanSploit ,  Maximus , others

Replied to thread: Thanks To Everyone (Nihon On Front Page)

been a supporter since september

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not a surprise

Replied to thread: free exploit thread designs

@efewss yeah he just asked me to do it so i did it


Created a new thread: free exploit thread designs

im gonna make it simple since its getting late and im inactive here so no one cares abt me anymore. 
i make free tread designs. Gooogle pushed me to do this like a month ago but i forgot.

my newest one:

All my others are on my other computer and on this fourm somewhere. i done some for Nihon , from for Raptor when it a thing, dansploit. etc. My contact is @Coryss#2649 on discord.  I can do animations aswell on after effects so hit me up if you want that aswell. 

Replied to thread: [Release] Desire Reborn | Owl Hub Support, Script Hub, Custom Themes, And Many More!

frist project in a while havnt done one of these in over 7 months!

Replied to thread: BugsBunny gfx services | Free thread designs!

Not as good as my ones

Replied to thread: i got banned on roblox for uploading a juice wrld song

@Scripting_Vpnit got uploaded before. i saw it on the audio list and it had those words in it

Replied to thread: Kill3rtr0n And SupremeSkid Framing Me

@Kill3rtr0n people who exposes people for wrong reasons are children. They dont deserve to be on WRD.