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Replied to thread: [SOON] Utility2

Logo choosen by me ofc :) 

Replied to thread: I cant make my exploit

Go to the "Public partial class Form1 : Form" code then just do what my thing shows! (THIS IS IF YOU USE EASY EX)





Example 1



Replied to thread: my thread got randomly deleted

Hey! Thats not a bug!






Its Phoenix!

Replied to thread: I got ratted

i know i got a almost the same thing but it was a virus! thing!

I got a virus on my screen!

Replied to thread: Leaving the exploit community

@DeepPainhe is a spoiled brat. I made him 2 logos and called them trash and asked me to make a new one for him. He tells immune lion"his dev" for like everything when breeze is not even helping. He expects everything to be done for him.

 Since immune lion was done with that he left him and now he gave up because no one wants to work for him and he won't try to make his own. He gave up because on 3 days he can't make his trash Lego sploit popular. I spent 2 months trying to do it and it didn't work xd. How is he going to do it in 3 days with a. Ui that looks like this

His old one was even wrose. That was made by immune lion but he asked for it to be like that. so 

Replied to thread: I'll pay someone to make a custom API with Owl Hub support

Bruh why tf would you pay someone 100 dollars 500 DOLLARS BRIHH 

Replied to thread: [HIRE] Hire me for C# coding

Lmao can you help on nautilus after i made you a logo and ad for utility?

Replied to thread: making money online

Sooo frist you go to the free money 💰 facebook page

Or go here



Replied to thread: Features For My Exploit

@ThatPhoenixLmao stop no one gives a sh*t about athera. The only people that care about it is the people who thinks its the best exploit you can get.

Replied to thread: Coco Z3 // People's Favorite Exploit // Owl Hub Backup Support // 3 Day Key System // On WeAreDevs

The exploit is hot and amazing but the ad as trash screenshots quality 

Replied to thread: Features For My Exploit

@ShibeHe has a custom dll

Replied to thread: is just wrd but with some text changed lmfao

This is like the fortnite verson of call or duty. And wtf is OMGsploit

Replied to thread: Features For My Exploit

Make a key system