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Created a new thread: Broken bones IV

Releasing a broken bones script its mostly done but I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions so I can add them. :)

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Doubt it will work very well with KRNL. It might though who knows? Here you go! loadstring(game:HttpGetAsync'https://dogix.wtf/scripts/lt2/barkdata/bootstrapper')'pingity pongity blood can suck my dongity'

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Oh, I didnt think of an autobuy or auto farm. Thats actually a good idea. Thanks!

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sorry my pc got the blue screen of death, luckily I now have a new one. Not sure what all of them could be, any suggestions?


Created a new thread: Broken Bones Script

So im gonna make another (yes another) broken bones script, im going to go all out on this script. Need some ideas on what features to add :). My old script will be in there - https://pastebin.com/ZknyJ1xg

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This is much easier, use a ESP script. JJSploit and Synapse X has a built in ESP that you can enable, after that find a aimbot script that has a hotkey to use to for example you press "Q" to enable it and it can also switch between head and torso this way you wont be suspected of hacking they will just think you are good. This is exactly what I used to do but the aimbot script I used only works with headshots now sadly, it was a good script because it magically knew who you wanted to lock on to and didn't do 9 360s trying to lock onto someone infront of you. Find Scripts like this and you will be satisfied. :)

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idk people say sentinel then some people say synapse.

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nice if you need any gui work just ask as i enjoy doing guis :). Synapse or Sentinel? Which is better?

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Well you cant argue with it. It is Saucey.

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if your talking about all of the --WetWipes i put in there its because someone took one of my scripts and changed it so that its theirs.

Created a new thread: [Rel] Broken Bones IV AFK Farm V8

My next release will be the final version hopefully. Ive not done too much this time, Ive redone the GUI again and changed the settings on it so that it works better. Please leave suggestions on what to add im out of ideas. Enjoy the script! :)




Upgrade Sprains in the ingame upgrade menu to get more money from this!



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nobody help this kid, to put it boldly he is as smart as a rock and as ungrateful as a rich boy with daddys money (thats what he is). I tried to help him. dont make my mistake!

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Shoot me a dm on discord and I'll show you or even teach you how if you would like :) WetWipes#9799


if your Kind I'll even +2 rep you :)))

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i asked my friend and he also gave up on it, do you know how to change the things in bold to choose where to go

Tlprt(v[Item].Main.Position.X + 3 ,v[Item].Main.Position.Y ,v[Item].Main.Position.Z + 3) wait(Time2) Drag(v[Item].Main) wait(Time2) v[Item].PrimaryPart.CFrame = Cframe.CFrame + Vector3.new(0,3,0) wait(0.1) Tlprt(v[Item].Main.Position.X + 3 ,v[Item].Main.Position.Y ,v[Item].Main.Position.Z + 3)


The bold writing is the bit that teleports you then it drags the item with you, now you may say its just a number variable so change the 3, the whole thing crashes whenever i execute it when i do that, now the next idea would be to get rid of the

"Tlprt(v[Item].Main.Position.X + 3 ,v[Item].Main.Position.Y ,v[Item].Main.Position.Z + 3)"   bit but i dont know what to replace it with perhaps something like this? i dont know i need help. This maybe? new_x = v[Item].Main.Position.X + 383 or this perhaps v[Item].main.position = vector3.new(v[Item].Main.Position.x + x, v[Item].Main.Position + y, v[Item].Main.Position+ z)