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Hello! I'm a person on WeAreDevs that basically does nothing really, I just made an account on here for no reason, so expect me to pop up on random forums.


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Replied to thread: Tell about your First Exploit you used.

My first Roblox executor (on Windows) was:

My friend redirected me to an exploiting website called "WeAreDevs" back in like 2019, and once I installed Windows I decided to try exploiting for the first time. Best thing I could have done during 2019 and 2020.

(Timeline, probably accurate)
JJSploit -> Proxo -> Skisploit -> Cheatsploit -> sk8r -> Proxo -> Krnl -> Sentinel -> Synapse X

Replied to thread: Fluxus Staff when there is nothing to do:

Fluxus tickets used to be like that before we had good support 💀

Replied to thread: I have 1000 posts!

congrats you made it to 1000 posts!
now comes the activity decline

Replied to thread: [ Meme ] - WeAreDoom Slander #11 ( OVA )

misako dll will be released when coco z5 dll is out

est: 2 years and 8 months

Replied to thread: I'm a little paranoid about what Roblox could do with our IP addresses

I'm not gonna read the whole thing.

Roblox isn't going to go out of their way to IP ban users for just semi-major problems or even minor problems.
If you do something extremely major to the site/client such as delete users profiles, raid groups/games/discords, etc, you could get POSSIBLY IP-banned from Roblox when doing that.

And to bypass an IP-ban, just actively use a VPN while you play Roblox. It may not be the same amount of ping but it'll bypass the IP-ban from Roblox.

In short, if you do something minor such as exploit, serverside, etc, you won't be IP-banned. If you are just a normal user on the internet or Roblox, you won't ever get IP-banned, AT ALL. No further questions please.

Replied to thread: 3 Months Left before I officially leave Exploit Community

Huh, you're leaving too, that's surprising.
To be honest, you were way more active than me when I was active on WeAreDevs, so I'm surprised you decided to stay with this community for this long. But as I've said before, "nothing stays the same forever."

So yeah, goodbye dude. It was nice seeing you on posts here and there.

Replied to thread: I think I found a bug with the Multiple Games exploit

I guess you could use that as your answer for why Multiple Roblox Games doesn't work for you at the moment.
For now, you'll just have to wait for it to update I guess, sorry!

Replied to thread: logo designer plox

i think this was suppose to be in the Roblox category and not the Hangout section lol, anyways I don't know any logo designers so yeah.

Replied to thread: [Question] Is the Roblox Exploiting Community back?

The community recovered from that in less than a week, and plus that was basically half a year ago or a year ago, so if this website is still here with all of the exploits and such, then that means that we recovered from the "killing" patch for a while now.

Replied to thread: Leaving this community

goodbye dude, you have a good point though, i hope you enjoy your break from the site lol

Replied to thread: Goodbye everyone..

i've only seen you in a couple of posts, but by the seems of it, you seem like a pretty cool guy.

if you do happen to return, all of us wouldn't mind to see some posts from you again.
goodbye dude, have fun away from the site!

Replied to thread: Goodbye, everyone.

I swear I saw the same thread by the same person with the same text like a few days ago.

Again as I said before,
I've never seen or heard of you before but I do agree with the majority of statements that you say.
I hope you enjoy your time away from WeAreDevs, goodbye dude, have fun outside of this site.

Replied to thread: How does VIP work?

If you stop paying while you have a Premium subscription on WeAreDevs, you will have Premium until the expiration date, then you will have a permanent VIP after it expires.

With VIP, you will still have the majority of Premium features except a little bit lowered down, such as +2 or -2 rep turning into +1 or -1 rep. Other examples such as instead of having a purple name you get a green name, and etc.

Replied to thread: Hi hows your day

My day is going normal as usual, walking around the house, using my phone & computer, etc.
Bouta sleep too so a new day is about to rise lol.