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Hello! I'm a person on WeAreDevs that basically does nothing really, I just made an account on here for no reason, so expect me to pop up on random forums.


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Replied to thread: Should i upgrade from windows 10 to windows 11?

Well then shoot, maybe I should have thought twice before resetting my laptop and upgrading to Windows 11...
I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

Created a new thread: Haven't been on WRD Forums for a while, any updates?

Alright so I haven't been on this forum for quite a while, nor have I been updated on what the exploiting community has been up to.

So, how has the community been on WeAreDevs?
And has anything special/drama or anything happen in the forums or on the site at all?

Alright thanks for reading.
-Darkn \ Fluxus Support

Replied to thread: Darkn, my long lasting account, has been disabled.

"Your account was involved in malicious hacking, fraud, account or credit card cracking, and/or attempting to damage a computer network or machine."


My response:


Replied to thread: Discord may be doing another ban wave.

Now my account has been disabled, great.

Created a new thread: Darkn, my long lasting account, has been disabled.

TL;DR: New account is Oblivous#7188

So on September 16th, 2021 during 11:56 AM EST, my account was disabled.

I was apparently disabled for something I didn't do so my account could come back, but as of the time-being my new account will be "Oblivous#7188"

Replied to thread: Discord may be doing another ban wave.

yeahhhh lets storm discord
all of us yeah!!!

Created a new thread: Discord may be doing another ban wave.

TL;DR: Discord has been disabling accounts like kiwixcoke, Baby Yaga (Vortex), Dark Hub server owner (Drake the Man), etc.
For servers, they have deleted: Oxygen U, Dark Hub, Coco Z, Kiwi X, etc.



So recently, Discord has been disabling a lot of accounts lately that has been contributing with servers like Roblox Exploiting disord servers, the same goes with the ones being deleted.

It first started a week ago, where Oxygen U was deleted after mutiple months of being alive, and then they made a new server & it got deleted again and again. A day or two later, Coco Z got deleted aswell after being alive for almost an entire year. And then on the smae day the Dark Hub - Information server was deleted.

Then two days later after, Oxygen U kept getting deleted, accounts like Kiwixcoke, Baba Yaga, rey (Coco Z Mod), Drake the Man (Server Owner of Dark Hub) and etc has been getting disabled.


So yeah, Discord might be doing another ban wave and now deleting accounts.


Update 9/1/2021:

Fluxus is now gone.

Dark Hub is now gone.

TheSwed's account is now gone.

Oxygen U is now gone, again.
Coco Z has been getting repeatedly deleted.

Replied to thread: Coco Server Deleted

Coco Server Manager here,
Server is still being setup, so expect some stuff being wrong.

Replied to thread: Thanks you so much, Wearedevs!!!


Congrats on learning a new coding language.


Replied to thread: What's your opinion on exploiting?

My opinion on exploiting:

Exploiting is fun. 

Overall, it allows you to do so many things that you normally can't do in normal Roblox.

You're able to fly around, you're able to silent aim, you're able to have ESP, and so many other features.


Except, there are many downsides with exploiting.

For example, since exploits are completely public, anyone is allowed to use them.

And because of this, when you're just trying to play a game normally, you just get killed by another exploiter, making it not fun.


In short, I like exploiting. Except it just makes it not fun when others try to make it not fun.

Replied to thread: How much ram does Windows 11 Dev Build use?

Last time I used it, it only used like 1.1GB of RAM when the installation was finished.

Replied to thread: JJSploit can execute Dark Hub, Owlhub, Snow Hub, and more now!

Yeah WRD API is now pretty pog.
As shown in the benchmark it has a bunch of stuff now including rconsole!

Replied to thread: JJSploit can execute Dark Hub, Owlhub, Snow Hub, and more now!

Yes, it does.
Just the WRD API has been completely upgraded.

Replied to thread: JJSploit can execute Dark Hub, Owlhub, Snow Hub, and more now!

I don't know, but due to its popularity basically every new exploiter knows about it, and because of that, they go & use that exploit.