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Oops my system crashed but i had an antivirus


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Replied to thread: It's been 21 days since ROBLOX updated.

ROBLOC is a great game to hack and ruin destroying kids and it take so long to update 

Created a new thread: NokaLoka my new exploit

dowload here join my discord sever for download link

discord sever invite link join for NokaLoka update

picture of it


i made it in 3 weeks

Created a new thread: Dude i got fake antivirus downloaded in my pc Name Serguzaro after I downloaded a exploit from shortlink ads

Dude help me i cant uninstall this fake antivirus dude this virus eat my pc ram

While there is an official website where users can download Segurazo Antivirus, the program is protected as being most commonly distributed through a bundle program - a technique used very popularly for part distribution. soft free and unwanted. The application is included in some settings for another program. While it is possible to bypass Segurazo Antivirus in the settings of the program itself, the user must automatically skip the terms of selection in order to install this software.

this is what i know about this 

Created a new thread: Coco aimbot script is stole and ripped from fps gui v2.4 script

Dude coco owner say it their aimbot but it not they stole it from fps gui v2

this fps gui script even exists before coco exploit was made


Created a new thread: How to stole Oxygen api dll guy

I want to stole it

Replied to thread: [Release] Krnl API | Use krnl's dll in your own exploit!

I already know it 

Replied to thread: [Release] Krnl API | Use krnl's dll in your own exploit!

So stupid post 

Replied to thread: I am have a great idea i use jjsplloit in virtualbox win 10

@Wabz With pc virutalbox i can use proxo now so ez they also use pc virutalbox for test trojan virus so it mean now i can use proxo on my pc virutalbox without scare of the fear of viruses is present in proxo exploit program