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Replied to thread: Exploit Doesn't Work On My Windows 7 Operating System

Reminder that support got cut for W7: (Read about it here)

Either that's the problem, or the exploit code isn't compatible with the injector (I think, certain injectors might need Krnl scripts while others need Lua scripts, can't be interchanged)

Created a new thread: Is JJSploit's Lua executor a client-side only executor?

Came back after a while of inactivity on here, booted up an alt and scrounged around for scripts online (ended up using Devuzi and an old Grab Kife script). Tested these scripts for a friend to see if JJSploit was still legit. He'd told me he wasn't being affected by them, only noticing Fly and the base exploits. Is JJSploit's executor truly client-side only?

Created a new thread: Multiple executors marked as Trojanware

Tried getting Yoink and Kiwi X but Windows Defender's picking out Trojanware inside them. This real or an integrated part?