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Created a new thread: [REQ] Move camera to a certain position

Yeah like say i want to move my camera to (0,0,0)

how would i do that?

Replied to thread: [REQ] One time purchase script security

isnt luraph $1 per obfuscation

Replied to thread: ninhon problems

use [exploit advertisement] it never has this issue!

Replied to thread: the error 268

Hi today i received all time the code 268 and i can't play. I need to activate auto lunch but i dont know how

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Roblox Bypassed Shirt

First off.

This isn't a bypass. I'm from the bypassing community and this is what we would call "ass."




It's very easy to bypass text without the need to use tshirts and shirts.


Get better before doing this garbage

Replied to thread: How would I fix Error 268

Replied to thread: Updates to the Roblox that are coming shortly

You all really gave rep to this fake account 

Replied to thread: Reason's To Use Nihon.

grown a lot since it first released 

Replied to thread: Conclusion

I'm glad you're off to a better time with your passions. Good luck!

Replied to thread: Phantom Forces

just use krnl or fluxus lol

Replied to thread: The end of roblox exploiting?

amazon aws ec2 exists (for autofarms)

Replied to thread: [REQ] Mute all sounds in workspace

ty guys i love you