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Quite generic ngl

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JJsploit is a try at your own risk exploit, personally I say Coco Z is better since it has a simplistic user interface with only one key system.

Replied to thread: Does Anybody have a D-Day Script?

There is alot of games around the premise D-Day, please send a link so I can try my best to find a script for you.


@Nexus42 I belive TopKek has games with over 1k players, mainly lazy cafe games.

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Replied to thread: wearedevs is the best!

Dude? Your a = 🤡. So I bet your using fake synapse from omg exploits, some people dont have alot of money, so they go to WRD to find some great free executors and exploits as pointed out by wabz. There is always going to be idiots in a community who make stuff for milacous intent even on V3rmillion which is one of the top blocks game forms for eggslpoiting.


(¬_¬") Please use your small brain the next time you make a post :)

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Your missing UI screenshots and Virus Total :)

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Well- Sorry bud where I live I can get a decent Nvidia for 40$ come to indonesia.


Replied to thread: Dove R3 - OFFICIALLY RELEASED.

Cool GUI. Working .dll's/exeuction methods. Overall a fantastic exploit for free

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So. My basis is that, Zeus X is a decent free API (I like it) and when I close it, it brakes the Zeus X like it wont inject. UI looks Copied from another exploit. API It's a free one 6/10. For me the exploit is 7/10.

Replied to thread: Anybody know a server kick/kill GUI?

Get a cheap server sided there are plentyfull videos on youtube showcasing the best/latest server sided.

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This is SirHurt Lite...

Replied to thread: [REL] | Drop Android | Over 21 Feautures

Works very well actually. Works like butter