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Created a new thread: Disappeared Again.. But Im back.. maybe

First Thing, Can You Guys Whos Reading This Tell Me What Has Changed in The Community [ Whole Exploiting Community ]

Uh... Yur Wassup. Havent been in the community for like 2 years Of Disappearing I Think. I Used to be NAMED as ShinWink. Was a Ui Developer that was Honestly BAD At Coding in C#. Didn't Really Know Anything But Make Uis For 5 years Straight of practicing And Things like that. Uhh Many Of You Probably Know Me. As I Used to be going around EVERY EX Discord Server just to become friends with the developers / Owners. And Somehow it worked. 

I Did make many Horrible EX With Free Dlls But Thats where Many people started until they went big. But After Awhile I Noticed developing "Exploits" Got Boring And Just Switched To Roblox Developer Or Lets Say Learning LUA If thats what many people Call LUA or LUAU. 

I Was a Decent UI Developer (Still Was Learning As By That Time I Hated learning a Language so i only learned everything i needed to learn) Yeah It was dumb.. Only learning Curtain Code In C# For Curtain Things. Don't Do It... Promise you. Ion even know why im still typing but im very bored yes yes. Ummm If You wanna find me again I AM on discord again after loosing 400 members in my discord server while being offline. 

You Can Find me By slumbt#7212 - Yeah I Change my Username 24/7 But i am known As ShinWink
One Of The Most Annoying Known Ui Developer Back Then. SHINWINK. Im a Meme Telling you..

Created a new thread: Um hey | Been gone for like a year

Uhh hey, Been gone for like 1 year yk How you guys been... 
COCO MELON!!!! But at the same time it is what it is. Uhh My 1.2 Trash Exploit aint gon make it yk But like you guys could add me on discord ShinWink#0126 Im a cool guy IM JUST A UI DEVELOPER 

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Looks Very Good for Beginners, Good Job

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whats 2+2 btw

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@OrbitRBX I owned a exploit called Pyxl, it wasnt big that much and wasnt all around "We Are Devs" But a lot of people knew about it Like Monkey D Luffy Moderators, 0x90, Darkn, Developers Of Fluxus, Owners of Oxygen And Coco Z. Just kept it private around Me and my server and friends. Im mostly a Ui Developer. My Dll developer I can't say yet. But just a normal Developer. I use to be very active in the past and always be on We are Devs till like 3 am all day all night. But im back as i took a 5 month break from exploits after the stress people kept giving me on my executor

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@Darkn Yuh, All the developers for Pyxl came back after taking a break with me so yeah. It will come back soon and ill advertise it. Btw im kinda a new person so ill be talkin a lil different but you can come and dm me again shinwink...#8450. I won't tell you who are the specific developers who came back, but the team is back and the discord server is just back too

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Im uh, Some Random Ui Developer...

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You could try out Krnl or Coco Z. Coco Z is a Good exploit with a key system that takes like 1 minute of your life no big deal. Krnl is just Krnl cant balme em for like 7 procceses 

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lbiiiiiiiii reeeee


100/10 For the Design of this Thread

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Just find a random websites with roblox accounts and find the right one lol

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Noice Ui lelele