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Give em the love. Toniiiiiiiiiiiiight.


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my toilet doesnt work

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mans made an llc for his eclipse cheats 10/10

Replied to thread: JJsploit is good again


never was before

Replied to thread: hello (again)

@Moon i never had a laptop break before?

Replied to thread: What do you miss from your childhood?

good russian rap like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibbXtf8-nWc

jk jk but i do miss my cousin

Created a new thread: hello (again)

so i didnt quit, just my laptop broke and stuff but ive seen alot of new things in wrd recently


first off when did nihon become a front page exploit (congrats immune)

second i dont remember changing my pfp to this at all


scratch the "alot" because thats the only 2 things i see that are new now lmao

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my friend's survival server, i used to play alot and i had netherite everything but fell in lava

Replied to thread: [Q] What is the most hated exploit?

the onomatopoeia of someone fastly drinking a drink

Replied to thread: Where is Appon 0--0

i rarely chat with him anymore, but sad

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Replied to thread: Ideas on what i could code?

dont do anything :troll:

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@SpaceSpiffer !endlife

Replied to thread: [Q] Why did u made an exploit?

started byte for the fun and then it failed kind of so i just make websites now

Replied to thread: What Your Favorite Snack.

@Haylo any that isnt sugar free