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Replied to thread: FE r15 torsoless horseman

oh my bad i didn't notice it pretty sure it works with synapse either way thanks

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why post saying modified if all you did was change variable names and remove the line of code that outputs the watermark.

Created a new thread: FE r15 torsoless horseman

can't post on v3rm dont have vip or elite so thought id post it here.


simple script works in all or most r15 games and probably has been done before.


    local Player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
    local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:wait()
    local OldPosition = Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame

    Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = OldPosition +, 100000, 0)
    Character.UpperTorso.Anchored = true

    Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = OldPosition

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same thing, but you really dont have to do while true do and then add a wait() as you can just do while wait() do

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I don't use the WRD forums that much, what happened to deep pain?

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hear me out

while wait() do game.ReplicatedStorage.onClick:FireServer() end


Replied to thread: D4rK V2 [Pre Release]

The UI looks good compared to the MLD2 pastes.

Please up the image quality ūüôŹ It feels like I'm watching someone play rust on console.

Replied to thread: [REQ] Does anybody know how to loop a radio ID in MM2?

Unfortunately, that isn't the remote event for the radio. Hit me up at my discord, if I have time ill show you how to make it.

Replied to thread: [Release] Hastebin API

so simple yet so hot 

nice release

Replied to thread: [REQ] Does anybody know how to loop a radio ID in MM2?

I don't play MM2 often nor have the radio, can you use a remote spy and tell me if a remote gets fired when you play music? I can help you make a loop script if you provide me with details.

Replied to thread: LBI(just the bytecode)



Yes I am back.

Replied to thread: [Release] Trigon Evo | Custom DLL, Unique UI, OP ScriptHub & Much More!!

Wow, homie this looks amazing. It's the First UI I've seen in a while that's unique.


Giving you an honest opinion, I notice the icons on the top right, you should try decreasing the sizes of the icons, and making the image quality clearer.


you should also change the font size of the Tab Controls close and create tab buttons. I could help you on discord if you hmu, discord in my profile, however, I really like what you've made. 


nice job bro

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bro capitalizing each letter in a sentence makes me boil.


good luck homie

Replied to thread: LBI(just the bytecode)

bro what are you serious 

Replied to thread: [SKID / SCAMMER?] SpeedSterDevs tryna sell a skidded dll?!



Dont call anybody a skid when you literally used my video "How to add monaco" without giving credit


Not only that, but you showed basically tons of your history showing Oxygen U api and basically all of my videos in there yet any time you go onto my video you comment skid? sad.


Begging for axon 




Exwrapper, Axon, and SpeedSterDevsAPi in one picture



Using my videos 



You spam commenting skid on my videos yet you copy all my code??



Stealing my video proof 



Not only that, but i have commented on various of your videos and you delete my comments? Yikes


(Also you're 10, kid)