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I assumed he'd do the thing where you give someone a roblox gift card and then there's a possibility of you getting the account Imao

Replied to thread: Rate all the exploits here on a scale of 1-10

I wouldn't say its THE best, I'd say it's one of the best apart from its keysystem, though if youre fine with the keysystem go ahead.

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I was called a skid for wanting to know how a UI lib's notification works as I wanted to learn how to make them myself lmfao, funnily enough it was you 

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I said I reported the arroser server (he was in it) to see their reaction, they ended up purging the server plus he claimed I'd be "banned" from WRD :)

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I prefered the old UI apart from the icons for execute, etc on that UI.... bring it back but rework where those buttons are and I reckon majority would like it.

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Check my reply to dead loc

Replied to thread: MainDab guess what


Basically, I "reported" the server ArroSer to see how they'd react (i didnt actually) and they seemed to panic, a lot. They purged the whole server and started making up false claims saying I reported their server after I apparently got "hacked" by a mod there (which never actually happened and Jamie confirmed it in DMs with Main.)

Main then said I'd be banned from WRD Forums for what I did ("reporting" their server) so I decided to make a thread saying I'm not banned :)

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I doubt many people on WRD can make good keysystems, only person I know of is Wabz


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Seems epic, I'll check it out tomorrow

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Well then uh, welcome to WRD? lmfao

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I don't believe there is a script that supports this many features and works fully on JJSploit, perhaps you should look into moving over to an exploit such as Coco (once it's unpatched) or KRNL if you're willing to go through their key system.

There might be an esp script that supports JJSploit but I'm unaware of any.

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And who may you be?

Created a new thread: MainDab guess what

I'm not banned from WRD :)


to those who don't understand this, just ask and ill explain it