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Replied to thread: how do i make a script with cframe animations?

i dont understand what you mean with "cframe tools" and "cframe animations"

Replied to thread: Lua Script not working?

it probably got patched/outdated

Replied to thread: rate this UI

@MINISHXPThe name actually comes from a remote spy I made before

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] a notifcation script/library

move this to Lua forum

Replied to thread: [REL] SkyHub - V1.0

Basically Coco Hub but not as popular and with a less original name (and with less scripts and using YetAnotherUILib)


Better than old coco hub tho which it was just a crappy gui2lua output.

Keep updating it!


Also, why is there a "dont skid pls" comment there? Its just a simple UI lib documentation, how can you exactly skid the use of a public ui lib?

At least im glad you didnt obfuscate it unlike many today devs that obfuscate a simple "Hello world"

Replied to thread: do wrd api support metatables and hookfunction?

It does. If you got more questions you should check the documentation

Replied to thread: [CW] Ribet Ribet Ribet

also, where is the proof on the thread?

Replied to thread: [CW] Ribet Ribet Ribet

@MoonPhone locked*, Discord asked me to verify with phone but I used my phone number to verify in another acc

Replied to thread: [CW] Ribet Ribet Ribet

@BonesMonke's CP*, Lxnny said the link was gave to him by Monke which Monke said I gave him the link, which that  cant be more fake because I havent been talking to Monke for like 2 months

Replied to thread: [CW] Ribet Ribet Ribet

BTW, nice proof

Replied to thread: [CW] Ribet Ribet Ribet

I havent been doing more stuff than talk with friends in DMs, whoever is doing that is not me.

Replied to thread: [REQUEST] KRNL script for visibility based on collision

(falseopx forgot to check if the instance is a part)

for _, part in ipairs( workspace:GetDescendants() ) do
	if part:IsA("BasePart") then
		part.Transparency = (part.CanCollide and 0) or 1

Replied to thread: Suggest me Lua UI

Material Lua its just the best (link)