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Ah yes, the days of purity and prosperity.

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@Explanation There's no sarcasm, humor, or anything else. The thread title is to rate your computer, content is your specifications.

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Pretty bad.

If it's a custom built PC, or even a prebuilt, you've essentially sacrificed having a dedicated graphics card, and instead settled for a more modern processor with bad integrated graphics.

There's also almost no need for 16 gigabytes of RAM on that thing, 8-12 would more than suffice, even for gaming.


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Que Nvidia circlejerk thread?

Ray tracing isn't worth it and will not be worth it for quite a while. This is due to Nvidia instantly cashing in on trying to sell their proprietary standards to everyone at the time of RTX 20 series release, which mainly led to Nvidia RTX being the prime ray tracing API used in games, as opposed to more open standards which would assist developers.

RTX 20 series cards aren't worth it, but it doesn't mean that the 30 series is worth it. Do not fall for the buying meme, graphics card markets are currently 6 feet under and there's no deals to be made that'll end in a win for you. 350 USD is way above what you'd want to pay for a card of this price. While 30 series claims to offer massive performance improvements for lower prices, that's simply not the case currently due to graphics card shortages. Most you can do at the moment is wait for the release of the RTX 3060, or start peeking into the less braindead AMD side of graphics cards.

Nvidia is a bad company, always has been and always will be. They overprice their components heavily and attempt to market ones with top tier performance yet absolutely garbage price to performance, making other competitors have a choice of either stick to mid range and possibly become irrelevant or follow the same moneymilking strategy. RTX 30 series cards are simply not needed for 1080p gaming, not sure why anyone wants to buy Nvidia's garbage products.


@Carson_Dev An average user is an average user, these days an average user is absolutely clueless about computers, security, social engineering due to the fact that companies like Apple and Microsoft have been brainwashing consumers for more than two decades. Nothing can be done about those that don't acknowledge their lack of wits and then proceed to get into situations without ever thinking of certain unforeseen consequences.

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Token logging is more simple than anything, this is because your only target is Discord, and it's rounded down to 3 total clients - each with almost identical methods of saving your token locally, just with their names being different (Discord, Discord Canary, Discord PTB). All of them store the user's token as a form of caching in a plaintext (non-encrypted) and not a permission-secured file.

Browsers, on the other hand, are plentiful and their password storing measures are all very different and a lot even employ password security if the user is not a retard and cares to change a few settings. On the browser side of things, you have quite a few options:

* Chrome - Most popular choice, highest market share (~60%), no native security (relies on Windows credentials), Google spyware

* Firefox - Second most popular choice with people with brains, smaller market share of about ~10%, when configured with clockwise encrypts all passwords at rest, preventing theft.

* Edge - Third most popular choice for brainlets who just installed Windows, no native security (relies on Windows credentials), Microsoft spyware.


This is ignoring other browsers:

* Entire Opera lineup - Opera, Opera Mini, Opera GX.

* Chrome derivatives - Chromium (open source and not-as-spyware chrome version), Ungoogled Chromium (open source not spyware chrome version)

* Chromium-based - Edge, Brave, countless other browsers.

* Firefox-based - Onion browser, countless other browsers.


Most browsers have their logins in plaintext and unencrypted, some use Windows credentials which are a (you guessed it) Microsoft backdoored feature that doesn't really protect your passwords from anyone as long as your computer is on. Some like Firefox give the users tools to never store logins to disk without encryption, with lockwise which is pretty cool if you ask me.


TLDR: First point, too many browsers, users may not be stupid enough to have passwords unencrypted.


Logging Discord tokens is also safer for the malware, as not attempting to access browser files gives it a boost in not being detectable by a lot of commercial anti-malware software. The same goes for rootkits, rats.

Rootkits and rats are more dangerous and 'profitable' for the attacker, yes, but factors such as firewalls, antimalware software, ease-of-use are also at play.


Don't want such issues? Switch to GNU/Linux and abandon proprietary software with unknown safety and privacy ratings.



This is not smart neither is it anything anyone should ever be worried about, you have to be an idiot to fall for this and nothing will ever stop an idiot from doing anything else that will get their Windows toaster bricked, mom's credit card sold on the darknet or logins sent to some Turkish caveman's PC.

This relies on very specific circumstances being in place:

* Screensharing - An act of streaming the contents of your unfiltered and unedited display live to a third party. Which may expose any private information you might've not hidden before you have started sharing your screen. No artificial delay for stopping information leaks? Seriously?

* Using autofill - Trusting your browser to collect and save private information, having no ask-before-display or no authentication for autofill. Using Chrome on itself is stupid, saving your personal information into it and synchronizing it with cloud is even more stupid.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. No one would fall for this as it's a reforged form of just seeing personal information scattered accidentally while screenshare is enabled. By calling this smart you are making a salty little kid on the internet screech in excitement from their mediocre social engineering skills aren't effective on anything more than a 50-year-old office milf.

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@MyUserIsTaken You don't achieve anything with 7, from the spec sheet 6 has the exact same permissions as 6, other than that you are using a non-standard script context.

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No such thing as a 'level 7 exploit', go to school, do some research, read for once.

'Exploit levels' are an insignificant term used to falsely advertise exploits as 'superior' or 'powerful' all that it means is that the developer bothered to add 3 lines of code to their library to change the script identity flag to 6 in order to allow their exploit-executed scripts to interact with sensitive parts of the client such as the CoreGui.

Level 7 does not exist anymore, it was deprecated in ~2017 and replaced with 'level 6' which inherits all of the permissions.

These days, you will NOT SEE a single exploit that is actually above or below the baseline of level 6, and it does not determine the stability, 'power' or extensibility of an exploit.

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Quick reality check: You are not supposed to run Roblox at anything more than 60 FPS.

Don't be surprised that a game that's designed to not be competitive, has incompetent developers and a horrible rotting codebase doesn't perform well above the ~60 FPS baseline for consumer monitors.


Your thread is quite a trainwreck. Synapse itself wouldn't cause any frames to be dropped under the baseline of what your hardware can output / what you normally would get. What you are supposed to figure out is what the issue is that affects your FPS (and whether it is Synapse). Run Roblox with just a legit non-cheaty open-source FPS unlocker and then with Synapse's own FPS unlocker then compare the framerates to get your end result. You can use MSI Afterburner with RivaTunes Statistics to get CPU/GPU load, temperatures, AVG FPS, 1% and 0.1% lows.

If anything, I doubt if it's an issue with your hardware, getting 70+ FPS while being unlocked is pretty nice. Do tests on a more demanding game like Phantom Forces, then you should start seeing what the bottleneck is (likely your CPU).

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@Gooogle Yeah, well, if you just need a display adapter and you don't even want to dream about something capable of 3D, then you can buy yourself one of those garbage USB-A to DVI/VGA/HDMI/DP adapters.

Replied to thread: How do I fix fps dropped when using exploit?

It largely depends on the actual type of FPS drops that you encounter.

If you have a gradual downfall in performance (load up ESP fine, start getting less and less frames over time) then the culprit is often, as Wabz said, an unoptimized/underdeveloped ESP script that is spitting out memory leaks.

If you have a general loss in performance, it may be due to a few factors. It's also important to determine what the ESP in question does in order to achieve the desired result.

If you are using a free standard that requires no extensions to most exploits (can run in standard wrapping or hooking environments, something that you'd expect in Proxo, JJSploit and other free & old exploits) then what you likely get is a basic method of using Roblox's own methods such as BillboardGUIs in order to render outlines of player models through surfaces, that is optimized and layers onto Roblox's GUI system, so it's guaranteed to be optimized. The only possible cause for performance issues in this case is a memory leak, as I remember Proxo having a pretty bad one in 2019.

However, if you are using a non-free and extended method, such as those now common in fancier bytecode conversion exploits and those with support for third-party libraries (mostly referencing the 'drawing' library, which is a sort of wrapper for the DirectX D3D API) then there can be issues with optimization, graphics card and the game itself. Some of those rendering methods may in some cases attempt to wireframe-render not just player models, but specific meshes, parts, particles and etc. through surfaces all across the map, which is expected to tank your performance. Nothing much can be done apart from loading up custom drawing-lib-based ESP scripts and testing those out, or attempting to disable particle and other complex effects in games' such as Phantom Forces' settings.

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It's extremely unlikely to find one of those, and I'm not sure that one even exists.

No laptop natively supports 5 DP or HDMI outs capable of 4k (as far as I know, for consumers). A docking station for that purpose would have to be an external graphics card (Likely USB-3-Thunderbolt -> PCI-E 3.0 16x), and a high end one at that, as most graphics cards have a max of 4 outputs - which are often mixed, such as DP + HDMI + DVI (or even VGA). For 5-6 outputs, you are looking at either NVIDIA'S Quadro cards, or an Ampere graphics card (RTX 3060ti or above). Or some other high-end / workstation graphics card.

You can ask funtimes, I know he has a pretty beefy rig of his own with an RTX 3090. :)

Created a new thread: Add new sections that allow discussion relating to software, hardware and other forms of technology

This forum ties quite a bit with talking about computers, operating systems, hardware, software, etc.

Currently there's no real place for these discussions to exist, as the only section for for it is 'Discussion', which means that the threads will be drowned out in the endless crapposts there.

So, it'd be pretty great to have a "Technology" section, which has the "Software" and "Hardware" subsections. Or just one technology section.

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Install GNU/Linux.