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@Nexus42 No verification bot ever sends to an executable to use, that bot certainly doesn't and never will. That's a horrible excuse.


With all due respect for your need to alert people of this, I highly oppose marking this as any alert or even keeping it in disputes. For one, it is your completely unjustifiable mistake to fall for this, as the vanilla bot or any other bot does not and will never have any functionality such as this, for the following reasons:


  1. Forcing users to run proprietary and closed source software from unknown or small developers in order to pass a security check is an absolutely daft idea at best.
  2. Most people will refuse to run this software.
  3. Lacks support for MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux-based distros, etc.


I have my doubts that anyone else will be stupid enough to fall for this, and I hope you don't ever again. Unless you reverse-engineer the executable and study every aspect of what it does you are expected to completely secure the entirety of your computer after being breached. This involves formatting your drive (will be automatically done with following step), reinstalling Windows, changing all of your login information, etc. Or if you live on the edge and don't mind possibly getting doxxed in the future then feel free to just delete it and change your Discord password without ever assesing the impact of this breach.

Replied to thread: [HELP] Laptop Turing on but No Display! please read!!!!

Just reinforcing Allennova's point - the main issue is not the drive, and can't be the drive. Pulling out a bad response from Google's instant answers doesn't contribute to the topic at all.


OP stated that the screen never turns on in the first place, which means the problem is most likely to do with the display or integrated graphics card, rather than related to software. If it was an issue with his Windows installation, the result would be a functional display that would at least show information relevant to the BIOS and POSTing.


While plugging wires in and out is a valid last-effort debugging process, it's not likely to give you any good results. What I would recommend here is to quickly narrow down what the problem here is, and it's to simply plug in an external monitor. If the external monitor is able to acquire a signal and show an image then the problem is your laptop's display, otherwise, it's a problem with either the BIOS chip or your graphics processor.


If it happens to be a problem with your graphics processor or some part of the BIOS like the NVRAM (settings) then there's nothing much that you can do here. The only attempt at a fix would be to clear your CMOS, the rest would involve physically resoldering chips, which is probably impossible even at a professional level seeing how old your laptop is. In this situation, as people have pointed out - remove your hard drive, offload all important data and give the laptop away to electronics recyclers.

Replied to thread: Will executors still work in windows 11?

There's no reason for them not to work, Windows does follow a high level of version compatibility. Exploits are pretty low-level in terms of how they function (DLL injection, memory manipulation), so it's extremely unlikely that Windows 11 would break anything. After all, Windows 11 is just Windows 10 but more bloated and a worse UI.

Replied to thread: Run a Windows Compatibility on a Mac OS Device.

CrossOver isn't exactly that great for intermediate users, because it is proprietary software and so it is paid excluding the free trial. As much as it is a good alternative to Wine for certain applications, no intermediate user should even be bothered to use compatibility layers. Large amounts of Windows software do run on MacOS, if they don't there are likely alternatives. As a last resort the end-user can switch to Windows (If they're running x86_64) or Linux.

Replied to thread: How play roblox on a 20 years old pc

Ignoring the obviously horrendous performance that this would output in a game like Roblox, you wouldn't be able to play it anyway. If your computer is truly from 2001 or earlier, your graphics card wouldn't support Vulkan, newer OpenGL versions, or even DirectX 9. Due to this it's obviously impossible to run the game. If by some miracle it does support DirectX 9 and you wouldn't mind a slideshow, you can give the old Linux route a shot. Driver support is likely optimal and "satisfactory" for your graphics card (which I don't really know the model of).

Replied to thread: Firefox vs Brave

All-in-all the people who use browser performance as an argument are usually biased individuals who cherrypick results and never bother to do independent checks on whether the 1 indian youtube video they watched shows any sort of reproducible results. Brave is not a "faster browser", it is not a more "lightweight" browser neither is it a better browser because it has several preinstalled useless bloat extensions. Firefox maintains the same level of privacy as Brave, even more extensibility via its options. A more bloated browser is not a good browser. If you miss features such as being able to install Google extensions, Firefox derivatives can do that.

One of which is Waterfox, not only is it more customizable and private than the two it also offers you tools to install extensions from various sources, whether it's Google's web store, Firefox's store, Opera's store, NPAPI or PPAPI extensions.

Replied to thread: Firefox vs Brave

There's a lot of overall just completely uneducates takes here (common on this forum).


Kevinn's reply: "Brave is really good  it has a adblocker and linkvertise bypasser and it respects you're privacy better than firefox does and it looks pretty nice."


While the first part is an opinion which I cannot fight against, the rest of the message is pretty wrong. Although Brave does have an adblocker, it's by no means superior to others that are available. Pretty much any modern browser supports plugins / extensions of sorts. Just because you have a terrible but "good enough" set built in which you may not even need does not make your choice better, installing extensions which you'd normally need only takes a few seconds.

No, Brave does not "respect you're privacy better than firefox does". Both are open-source browsers which have equal amounts of privacy to them and share very similar views on privacy as a whole. Both are owned by companies which seek profit and both still have analytics and other features which you would not need. Both share shady histories.


Curo's reply: "Honestly i use Brave as my daily driver, It's the fastest browser to use right now (3x Faster than chrome)
And it's not only fast, It uses less ram & cpu, It has a great privacy aswell
Firefox is just a better version of microsoft edge, But to be fair they are both good, It really dependes on your prefferations"
I was not able to find any results that would even come close to indicating that Brave is "3x faster than chrome", the closest results on internet public benchmarks was it beating Chrome by 2x, even that was purely random and involved no real consistent performance.

Firefox is not "just a better version of microsoft edge", it has nothing to do with it. Edge is based on Chromium and is quite the opposite of a browser that grants you privacy.


Replied to thread: Windows 11 Build 21996 Got Leaked

The leaked ISO is 4.5 GBs already. Windows 11 is going to be even more bloated than Windows 10. All this "new" version does is add a MacOS-like UI for toddlers who can't use a computer without drooling. You shouldn't expect any actual useful upgrades over Windows 10. This is as you should know by now an utterly useless release that has no real point to exist.

If you're looking for looks, optimization and performance then this is not it and you have your priorities sort of mixed up. For those important features you would have to look at Linux-based operating systems.

Replied to thread: Random CPU drops when playing roblox

Despite what you may believe this is likely not an issue to do with Roblox. CPU clock speed dropping mid-intensive-operation can be a sign of multiple different issues. I assume you've already looked at factors such as battery performance (if you're on a laptop), thermal throttling, etc. I'm also assuming that you've got an Intel CPU.


This could be an issue with Windows itself. Try to ensure the following:

* Set the maximum processor states under advanced power options to 100%

* Disable the "Intel Power Management" software/driver. You can find guides on how to do it on the internet.

* Set Roblox's process priority in the Task Manager -> Details tab to a higher option.

Created a new thread: Roblox now runs on Linux (Guide and secondary information)

As you know (or perhaps don't yet know), Roblox now runs on Linux through Wine again. 5 years has passed after the issue was encountered, crippling Linux users' ability to play Roblox. It is finally fixed after the issue had been narrowed down and fixed in a commit on the 11th of June (https://source.winehq.org/patches/data/207636). The wine patch has since been included in mainstream Wine version 6.11.


What is the result of this? Roblox runs. It is not perfect yet, configuration needs to be done to get rid of the massive FPS drops and mouse issues that you would normally get. But it's not rocket science and doesn't take a lot of time. Massive leaps are being made, and due to the nature of Wine, you are even able to use FPS unlockers just as you do in Windows. All in all, once you have this configured, you will be able to play just as well as on Windows.


How to install, configure and play? The Roblox fandom wiki has a pretty great guide on this along with details and additional information: https://roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Roblox_on_Linux

The premise of it is generally:

  1. Install Wine
  2. Install Grapejuice
  3. Install Studio and Player via Grapejuice
  4. Modify FFlags so that the client uses OpenGL or Vulkan instead of DirectX (DirectX cripples performance)
  5. Install a Wine patch to fix mouse issues, which is available in the Grapejuice Discord.

A few of my personal notes:

  • Arch Linux is the preferred distribution to use this right now, as the Wine patch for the mouse fix is ONLY available to be installed through pacman (Arch-based distros like Manjaro still work fine).
  • It is possible to use DXVK here, but it is not recommended as the performance loss is still greater than using Vulkan, which from what I know still supports the same graphical effects.
  • OpenGL does not support certain graphical effects like ColorCorrectionEffect or DepthOfField effect, and does not support Future lighting. This is why I recommend using Vulkan unless your GPU doesn't support it.
  • FPS unlockers work as well, although for some reason the later versions of Axstin's FPS unlocker do not detect Roblox as running in Wine. Earlier 2020 releases do, however, such as 4.3.0: https://github.com/axstin/rbxfpsunlocker/releases/tag/v4.3.0


Replied to thread: Please Explain.

AES is an abbreviation for "Advanced Encryption Standard", which is a designation given to the cryptography algorithm nominated in 2001. Yes, it's in use by the US government and just about everywhere else. AES is used to secure your mobile device's storage by encrypting it, it encrypts internet communications, files and the list extends further and further. Simply put, AES is the gold standard of symmetric-key encryption.

That however probably doesn't have anything to do with the bot you're being pressured to add. For one, you should never add untrusted bots. With permissions above an average visitor, a bot can do just about anything with your server. Delete it, spam NSFW, change it to the way the user wants to or to perform other destructive tasks, which is actually now a common trend and why you should never give permissions to any bot which you haven't confirmed as safe. Even if you do not give it permissions, it can still be used to collect data, log messages and so forth, possibly being used against you in terms of privacy.

If you have limited information about the bot or it is untrusted (such as in this case) then I highly discourage you from giving it permissions in your server, let alone even inviting it. It's more likely than not that the person just wants to get elevated permissions in your server then destroy it.

Replied to thread: What Happened To Texas

I'm not exactly gone, just busy with moderating other more important locations. I only ever visit this occassionally to do -10s that other mods need help with, or to check out the new threads in sections that I actually care about.

Cuby is busy with his actual education at the moment, as others said, he has exams to go through.


0x90's response is especially butthurt. It confuses me as to how one can be this clueless about someone. Me and others write paragraphs simply because of how much information we provide and the need to actually reinforce and provide evidence for said information, not to "seem like a genius" or "more educated" (Although most of what I talk about I do have expertise in, such as digital security and hardware). I also wouldn't jump to conclusions too quickly, you take pride in calling our "beliefs" stupid outside of arguments, yet you have difficulty countering them when you're face-to-face with someone in anything more than flamewars and lashouts (exactly what your reply is, you hold no proper point neither do you make any sense - indicated by the fact that you have more insults in your reply than attempts at an argument). I'd be embarrased in this scenario, if I were you.

Replied to thread: What Are Your Pc Specs?

Budget but capable 1080p max settings PC. The only thing I could scrape by with the computer component shortage.


Graphics card: MSI GTX 1660S

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3100 (OC 4500 MHz)

Processor cooling unit: Stock AMD

Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M H mATX

RAM: 2x8 GB Corsair VENGEANCE LPX (OC 3400 MHz)

PSU: Corsair 600W non-modular



2x 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA HD


Replied to thread: WRD Staff: Explain?

@234567765 There's a reason why it says "respect" and not blindly follow, sure the guidelines are quite clearly outlined within the terms of service, but we also do a little outlining, hence why "No cheat discussion" is in quotes, making it a primary point as to why it's mentioned in the rules. Otherwise, Discord's terms of service wouldn't even need to be there as everyone is to obide by them either way upon signing up to the service - and it would also be up to Discord to enforce, not the server. I may respect the terms of service but that does not mean that I'll be following it and that would be Discord's issue with me not the server's, as the primary point that is made is specifically to block out any cheat discussion in an event the server would be investigated by the staff whose job it is.

If you choose to obey by rules who literally prohibit you from ridiculing anyone for any reason or even intimidating them then sure good for you, but as for something that's not mandatory in the server, and a problem for Discord and not the staff, I choose not to apply these draconian "rules" to the way I communicate online. The day I get prohibited from using a semi-centralized platform in which one can refrain from seeing what they don't like by just leaving a server for supposed harassment - is a day that I surely don't wait for, but at the same time expect.