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@Funtimesgetfunner No the only exploit you will recommend is Cyrup

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console icons when :c

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@cocotechnology No he meant popular exploits.

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the fact your username is literally robloxgta5csgo is great

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@SurgeDeleo i believe oxygen u has one too. But whatever, i dont think dansploit is a virus. if you're not happy with the autojoiner, use another exploit.

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i know you still have my bread function, joe

Replied to thread: Dansploit being an actual virus

I don't use dansploit so this is an assumption. Dansploit might have an autojoiner. And autojoiner will make you automatically join their server without having to accept an invite. 


Either that or you got token logged by a dansploit fanboy.


I think the first is more likely.

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top 10 shortest CWs of all time


Number 1:

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Melodic trap like future bass and stuff.

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@davidTube well luckily im using betterwrd then :D

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Why is this in disputes

Replied to thread: [CW] Texas | Homophobe and Transphobic, Using words which should be against filter and revenge rep

Texas can be harsh with his words sometimes. It doesn't make him likeable to everyone, but that doesn't mean he's a bad mod. Also I don't think being transphobic is a valid reason for him to not be a mod. I don't necessarily like Texas, but I feel like your argument is pretty weak.


Anyways be prepared for Texas' reply.


UI is not that "clean". I cannot describe what a clean UI looks like but this is not it. 

Also it has a pretty generic name.

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There's already one like this on v3rm. And the code on the v3rm one is much much much cleaner.