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just give up


de4dot will mess you up anyways

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Such a civilised post is almost scary.

Replied to thread: when i add avalon editor i cant make an execute button

@SeizureSalad chances are that the compiler is going to optimise this all away

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Replied to thread: Attached Status

Whatever API you're using probably has a function that tells you if it's attached or not. Just have your program call that function every once in a while and then update a label accordingly. You can create a separate thread or use a timer to do the checking in the background.


I won't give any code examples because

1. I'm lazy.

2. I rather you write the worst code ever than blindly copy paste because at least you'll end up learning something

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Replied to thread: [RELEASE] LovenseRBLX - Lovense API Wrapper for Roblox

The best thing to come out of the scripts section.

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guidedhacking moment

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You probably want to disable tamper protection before you do this. 

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I've managed to get around alt detection by just clearing my browser cookies. From experience.

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@ImmuneLion318 ah, i just thought of it yesterday and made it yesterday


i was planning on open-sourcing this, but ig im not going to anymore in case i reveal you guys' secrets or smth

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@crazy_cat wait what they're doing that too? oh well

Created a new thread: i did a thing guys



can you tell i am bored

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this entire website is for roblox stuff not some dead valve game