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Created a new thread: Moving away from this

Let's cut to the chase.


Roblox exploiting has ruined the past year of my life. It has messed up my personal well being, my behaviour, and my grades. It has even conditioned me to rationalise horrible things in the moment.


What did I even do here? Make some boring TUI? Paste a dll? I've just been wasting my time. 


I have decided to stop while I can. Don't get me wrong, there have been some positives, but the cons outweigh the pros.


I have left all roblox exploiting discord servers and will no longer be active on WRD or V3rm. 


I will still be using Discord. I believe that Discord can be a good place as long as you involve yourself with the right people.


I won't start unfriending or blocking everyone I know who is in the roblox exploiting community. You can still dm me or whatever but don't expect help with anything exploit-related.


I won't be destroying Cyrup. Just because I promised I wouldn't discontinue out of nowhere again. It may get updates once in a while. All "exploit-talk" outside of Cyrup will be avoided as much as possible. It will be the only roblox exploiting related thing I will be involved in.



Yeah so that's it. I still like programming and will definitely pursue other programming-related ventures. But no more of this.



My new alias is pinkphone#1818 if anyone is wondering.

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this entire website is for roblox stuff not some dead valve game

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@SirWeeb always has been confirmed

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@ImmuneLion318 Even then, copying the designer generated code can make it easier to find the exact x y width and height you want without having to do trial and error. So challenge is a bit flawed.

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Can't someone just design it normally and then copy paste the designer generated code, modify it a little, and have a UI made entirely "programmatically"??


Also can I enter Cyrup :troll:

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Content length must be 10-5000 chars

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off-brand visual studio 2019



that's all i have to say

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bye :(


sad to see you go but it's definitely for the better


wish you luck with whatever future endeavours you may have

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exile console :wheeze:

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I don't think proxo got removed from wrd for being malicious. But i'm not the one to give details on it.


As far as I know, proxo isn't malicious just full of ads.

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....because there are only 21 pages in the lua section

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look at my siggy thanks #promo :troll:

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That isn't really what an exit scam is, but I get what you mean.


You can usually figure it out by doing one of the following (or all of them if possible):

  1. Do you recognise the owner? If you do and you notice that people act positively towards them, it is a possible sign that they can be trusted.
  2. How long has the exploit been around? If it's been around for long, it is more likely to be trustworthy.
  3. Ask around. You can even make a WRD thread. See what other people say.


But about your last thing: "can't a reputable dev do a...". The answer to that is, yes they can.This applies to every exploit dev, whether the product is free or not. You'll just have to apply the above, and also have some trust.