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i want to be called monke please 2JJ1 change my name to monke


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@ThatPhoenix didnt you get banned off the forums for exploiting wrd? how are you back

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this is decent and all but he has such a big fanbase / sub count / view count its not actually gonna do anything.

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i mean he isnt wrong


this place is full of retards

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leave while you still can


this place is a hell hole

Replied to thread: little youtube jew logging (:

if you see anything that is not an executor trying to be downloaded and downloads in exe form, its no doubt 100% malware. (except things like linkvertise)

Replied to thread: [REL] Isix | Unique and Nice UI | OP Script Hub | Powered By WRD API

honestly quite a good ui compared to most exploits that are released here

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Replied to thread: Kiwi X first to unpatch on WeAreDevs

works. pretty good too. :)

Replied to thread: I moved accounts.

i thought this was immune but it wasn't titled "I Moved Accounts."

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@MINISHXP what have i done..

Created a new thread: did i do something??

i just was getting bored of the community then i see like 7 other threads..

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i- no- wh- u- uh- no wo- no words

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cool. i found wrd news interesting so this will be good

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i feel so sus abt this lol. 

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