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Replied to thread: Roblox Best Exploit

im sorry but winforms is definitely not a flex in 2022 and it probably never was...

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Roblox 2008 Exploit

interesting finally.

Replied to thread: HINT WPF EVOSPLOIT

why on EARTH ARE U USING WPF ON WINDOWS 7 and why are u on windows 7.


and who's basement are you recording in? 


its 2022 not 2014

Replied to thread: BloxWare New UI

vanilla's description makes no sense 


it reads,


"Vanilla's light-weight design, to better cater to less experienced exploiters, or hardcore exploiters, that want the best features possible in an exploit."


there's no best features if it's light-weight, Vanilla only has the most basic functions (execute, inject, save, clear, etc. that's it)


that description is dumb

Replied to thread: i deleted the archive folder in roblox

it's the synapse x man again LMAO

Replied to thread: Rate this UI for me

designing ui with google images be like...

Replied to thread: [HELP] Annoying short time bans got updated



Replied to thread: SynKey please

ill buy you in 4057, if ur still alive

Replied to thread: "Your exploit is missing the function(s): setproto

setproto was removed due to a vulnerability that could be used in malicious ways. most exploits have removed it

Replied to thread: [UI] ember | rate my ui

next time don't show us the bootstrapper lol. reminds me of calamari

Replied to thread: rate and give us opinions about this ui

beautiful but dull colors and buttons are kinda ugly

Replied to thread: [release] Falcon XXII | just an eggsploit like any other

I like it! Very similar to something yk... lol

Replied to thread: [RATE] Azonix User Interface

nice but so dark its hard to see lol.

Replied to thread: I collect exploits

I'll be truthfully honest with you, only 1/8th (or less) of what your collecting is worth collecting. Multi-API exploits are worth nothing but just the UI (just get the main thing), only paid exploits are worth collecting or the non-API ones (Fluxus, Skis, KRNL, Oxygen just to name a few) imo, but that's just my take :)


Nice collection I guess?

Replied to thread: Is Proxo safe?

Proxo itself isn't malicous, it's just the ad installers, although it seems to be keyless and afree now because of the low user count and not having business. Kinda sad ngl if you ask me.