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i mean

its nice

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i think you forgot that c#'s comments start with '//', but nice

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@SkieHackerYT oh so like reverse the new roblox update?

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what is this? like an exploit or something? "time machine"

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you can create 42364926346297 gears and drop them ig

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gl bro c:

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@Gooogle sorry for late reply but yes

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@DarkDiepo please stop alting

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.net reactor when i need it but most of the time i don't use any

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and also drop your fps my atleast by 20 (id rather use roshade but looks sick af)

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yeah you hear that darkdieogo yeah yeah :coolface:

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DO NOT use anything from speedsterdevs or whatever because hes a f*(u)cking idiot.

id rather just learn basic c# and maybe c++

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@boykeee you don't need to use winforms when you have a console

Created a new thread: what is a diffrent between this & hookfunction


what is the diffrence between

print('HoOk FuNctIoN wOrKs!1!1!!')


hookfunction(print, warn)
print('HoOk FuNctIoN wOrKs!1!1!!')