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Replied to thread: Please Rate my UI

i highly dislike it

Replied to thread: [Release] LuaF*ck - terrible esoteric lua

so could you consider this a obfuscator? does this have any safety? seems it has getfenv so probably not

Created a new thread: challenge: make an adonis anti-crash

if you can, make a script that bypasses adonis crash function. (specificly :ramcrash or :gpucrash), if you can dm me on discord so i can test it:
NOTICE: adonis crash function isnt just "while true do end", you can find it here:

Replied to thread: ummm try to bypass this thingy


Created a new thread: ummm try to bypass this thingy

ik that antiexploits arent fully bulletproof

try to bypass this:
if you can send me the saveinstanced file and the script thx:

Replied to thread: We can't exploit to affect other players?

yes so for example if you run a script on your exploit to create a part or change the skybox you will be the only person who sees the change

Replied to thread: [LITTLE SHOWCASE] I wanted to show you guys my Executor im working on!

the ui is horrible consider paying for a ui designer

Replied to thread: Opinion's on this UI

most average ui rn

Replied to thread: [REL] Simple Key System in Lua (using console lib)

kys!111 adas

Replied to thread: [REL] Roblox Key System ( No Db Required ) - based on php

im going to burn down your house

Replied to thread: Question on require scripts

its like dofile

Replied to thread: synapse x lua function dump

@RealNickk thats why i said its "lua function dump" not just "function dump". im not gonna try to get synapses c++ functions/closures??.

Created a new thread: synapse x lua function dump


yeah, btw contains  stuff  like saveinstance so you can skid off from this