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uhh ths form suck



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@OpenGamerTips a .357 magnum can solve the problem easily

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change pass and add 2 factor auth

Replied to thread: Where to put the wearedevs c++ api's import function ?

Replied to thread: [Tutorial] How to Do RGB/Rainbow in C#

teri not to be mean but this isnt useful if youre doing it in wpf, in winforms yeah maybe.

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yeah you should hire him

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is that your cat in the picture

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do you know how to code in c# and search up answers in google? its basic image loading from a url lol and its ez af in wpf

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did you try decompiling the api it should be in c#


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the ;ayout is overused as wuck

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@hookfunction thats really sad honestly

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@chr1srbx another anime girl muavgyuwa

Replied to thread: (COUNTER-CW) kiwixcoke and slapping him with some facts.

cute anime girl makes a CW (XD) btw im completely neutral in this so ducxy you can unban me now from ur version of the servdr

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yeah i tried exploiting the games remotes and its unsecure as f.uck lol

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i honestly use the rgb razer room or whatever that is it it looks pretty nice and u dont need to get anything from the workshop (tho looks bad on 2 screens lol) i still use it