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haha big brain koding



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Created a new thread: [REL] Redwood Prison GUI

It's a totally epic GUI I just found, but it requires Discord ID. (don't ask me idfk why.)


It has a lot of functions, a good ui and some funny sounds.

It also has a working smite tool, and some other things.



Links will be given below.





also a small ad (idfk why but ok) i made a discord server, you can give me links in there so that i can decompile them and copy them for you. stop telling that it's bad but i was bored so i made it. ok thanks bye

Replied to thread: [REL] TopK3k GUI

bruh it should work with fe idk

Created a new thread: [REL] TopK3k GUI

it's probably gonna work for like ss only,

but i dont know what u want to do with it.




Replied to thread: sirhurt topic is too short

gib sirhurt

Replied to thread: [SHOWCASE] Phantom Forces Script

bruh literally wrong section.



and the resolution.



screen bruh


i mean it's kinda funny lol





is it me, or is this resolution kinda...


Replied to thread: Coco Z4 // More Info Page Submission

god the screens are literally epik.

they're pog good and epicko.












































Replied to thread: [REQ]Teleport to coordinates

@Vladimir i fixed this for nexus.

game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = new CFrame(0, 0, 0)


You just basically need the coordinates for the teleporting script.

If you don't know how to get them, try searching for coordinates checker.

or i don't know what.

Replied to thread: [REL] LegoHaxx Downloader

i literally told you that this is dumb.

i made it because i was bored.




its uselles, i know.

ok thx bye.

Created a new thread: [REL] LegoHaxx Downloader

it's basically a application made by me that downloads exploits that are mostly used.

i made it also because i was only bored and doing it fast cuz i gtg rn ok thx bye.


it's just literally not 1MB from fresh download.

but if you install exploits then yes it's gonna be prob higher than that lmao



! ! ! DOWNLOAD HERE ! ! !

! ! ! VIRUSTOTAL ! ! !


idk why tf is this flagged as a virus but ok.


credits to the creators of the exploits and me.

for making it. and you cuz using it ;D





Replied to thread: [INFO] I'm making a ROBLOX Exploit called Fundy

@0x777_ why is it bruh momento D:

Created a new thread: [INFO] I'm making a ROBLOX Exploit called Fundy

Hi there!
I just made a thread here, because I wanted to say that I am making a ROBLOX exploit,

called Fundy. I am basically looking for someone to help me with this exploit. It's gonna

be released when it's gonna be ready ok? I'm currently working on the logo. If you'd

like to help me with the exploit just click the link that will be below.


Any support is apreciated!

Contact: FundyRBX#3306



Thank you and good bye!

Replied to thread: level 7 executor no key system loadstring free exploit

@Triple lol true i dont want to even look at this.


Replied to thread: level 7 executor no key system loadstring free exploit

bruh it's the worst exploit ive ever seen. the image is anime, its ok i dont have anything to anime but BRUH.

no script box, and this is not a LEVEL 7.


Loadstring probably wont be available if it uses WRD api.


T R A S H.


edit: a little me reviewing this heck

Replied to thread: FE Dance Script For JJSPLOIT

Install another ROBLOX exploit, for example KRNL.

It should be working with it.

Replied to thread: [DEMO] PHP HWID-Based Key System

That's actually good!~

If you want, you could release a source code of it! It would help others, but still...

Maybe it could feed the skids. Anyways I don't wan't to be rude.

But still congratulations!