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why not Saturn or Jupiter or Neptune

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pootis length must be 10-5000 chars

Replied to thread: TGN Exploit UI vs TGX Exploit Ui

both baab imo

Replied to thread: script for Millionaire Empire Tycoon inf money

what exploit u using?

Replied to thread: Should I get Script-ware or Synapse X

synapse se..... synapse x

Replied to thread: Aspect's New Coming UI

looks pog



Replied to thread: krnl key bypasser and linkvertise bypasser

This is not cool

you are making them loose $


they paid lots of money for a dll


and they got fu##ed


congratulations you are a son of b###h now

now go play with your tasticals in a sandbox

Replied to thread: Asta x name suggestions and looking for devs

i got the best name for you


"femboy balls"

Replied to thread: Pastebin bypass

Thx (btw am not the owner of this script)

Created a new thread: Pastebin bypass

soooo pastebin banned in ur country? too bad bit--

jk jk

use this script for bypassing pastebin

what this thing does?

A:it bypasses pastebin in roblox

that means you can use script like this without problem

loadstring('pastebin/blabla')----ik this is not a loadstring thingy




local PastebinBypass

PastebinBypass = hookfunction(game.HttpGet, function(self, url, state)

    if string.find(url, "") then

        url = string.gsub(url, "pastebin", "pastebinp")

        return PastebinBypass(self, url, state);

    else return PastebinBypass(self, url, state) end






btw am not the owner of this script i found this on a discord server (it got deleted)

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yay i can obfucate my skid scrip...ahhh come on its private




relase it or this guy will visit your house tonight

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*hoovy laught but loud*

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Onyx Level 7 Exploit

[This is just a joke btw no hate ur exploit is cool]


Onyx more like onion

Replied to thread: Synapse x key

its very easy


step 1:get a knife


step 2:M U R D E R Y O U R F A M I L Y


step 3:C A L L T H E C O P S


step 4:K I L L U R S E L F

u got the synx key

Replied to thread: [Coming Soon] Oro - Level 7 Exploit

oro oro

(ara ara)